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Some people are desperate. To make it more annoying if they are desperate for something not that important. Well, I don't know how to describe it, but I never thought that someone really need this type of attention so badly.

This morning, when I check my email, I receive a notification from There was a comment on my cat, Ayumi. Well, when I posted her picture there, I didn't expect people to comment anything. I just wanted to share with everybody. But this is the comment I received
"a.. hi,
Saya ada kucing Burmese boleh tak awk comment kat kucing saya Nama Chloe Dia pun Owner's Pet ...
kalau nak search,search kat adoption nya tau .. pleassssss ... ada org comment satu saja pastu saya sendiri yang comment tau kalau boleh Comment la eh ??

I don't know if the owner is a lady or a man, but from the way he/she comments, I assume it's a lady. You ask a favor from me to comment on your cat, but you never commented on my cat? Isn't she a weirdo or gila glamour? Is she the only one who owns Burmese in this world?

Well I understand, memang seronok kalau dapat comment on your blog ka or anything that you posted online. But, we must remember, we're not Tun Dr. Mahathir, so don't expect lots of people will comment on your posts. Bengang ada, geli-geleman pun ada..

p/s: I just thot the best way to describe this last night, IT'S PATHETIC!

Rindu kuih-muih Mak

I remember when I was at primary school, my parents had a food stall. Just in front of my dad's grocery shop. Main menu was soto, but at the same time Mak would make some kuih, and must have kuih were tempe goreng, tauhu sumbat and kuih udang (cucur udang).

Sometimes what I did, I just cut all these three kuih into small pieces and simply pour my mom's special chillie sauce. It was soooo yummy. I just loved it.

I missed all those food, so I decided to fry some tempe and tauhu. The sauce, just try. Not sure if I got the right recipe, but that's what I remembered. It's just that I have not mastered yet. This time, I think I put to much potatoes in it. But taste, better than the last time I did.
As for hubby, I made this for him for today's lunch.

Stir fry french beans and broccoli with prawns

Sambal telur
Fried chicken

p/s: I wish I could learn more from Mak. Sayang kalau takde sape reti buat kuih macam Mak bila Mak dah takde.

That's what happened today. I thought it was sinus, but doc said NO. I'm having flu and my throat, dah start merah. She didn't want to take risk, so she asked me to stay away from the office today. If it's not because of the H1N1, I can still go to work today.

And according to her, wearing mask is good thing and it's very, very stupid if we don't wear it just because we don't want to scare people.

So, from now on I will start wearing mask whenever I go out, especially to the office. Don't care what other people might say. Kalau sakit, I'm the one yg akan tanggung.

Take care everybody and start wearing your mask.

Ramadhan Kareem

Rasa macam baru sangat berhari raya, tup..tup.. Ramadhan datang lagi.. Of course kenangan yang paling tak dapat lupa masa berpuasa kat Labu dulu. Syiok. Tersangat-sangat syiok. Walaupun letih berkejar sana-sini, tapi best sangat.

Anyway, this will be the very first puasa as a wife. But I don't feel any different, because I have been preparing sahur and berbuka for him since 4 years ago. Yang lainnya waktu berayalah nanti.

I wish I could celebrate this coming raya with my family, but I have to follow him. I will definitely miss hari raya celebration in Banting. Sungguh meriah. Mana tak meriah, anak-anak buah ramai. Kalau tak sebab anak-anak buah pun, on the first hari raya, my relatives (most of them) will serang my house first. Seronok tengok satu-satu enjoy makan soto Mak.

Selamat berpuasa to all of you.

Chicken Masala

I miss Bahrain, or to be precise I miss the food in Bahrain. Hehehe.. So I search for Chicken Masala recipe over the internet. I found the recipe at And of course I only follow 95% of the recipe. I turns out nice, eventhough I hate cilantro sooo much.

Here's the recipe. Thanks to for this great dish.


2 cup cut into small pieces Chicken
2 Green Chilli (Hari mirch)
5 flakes Garlic (Lasun)
1 tsp Red Chili Powder (Lal Mirchi)
1 tblsp chopped Ginger (Adrak)
2 meduim sized chopped Onion (Pyaj)
1 tsp roasted Cumin Seed Powder (Jeera)
10 Black Pepper Corns (Kali Mirch)
Salt to taste
2 tblsp Oil
1 tblsp Vinegar (Sirka)
1 tblsp chopped Coriander Leaves (Dhania Patta)

How to make chicken masala coorg:
  • Grind the green chillies, garlic,ginger, cumin seeds,pepper corns,red chilly powder, onions with the salt and the vinegar.
  • Apply over the chicken andmarinate for 1 hour.
  • Heat oil in a pan and add the chicken and fry for 2 minutes.
  • Add a little water and cook the chicken till it is done and the oil floats on top.
  • Serve hot garnished with the chopped corriander leaves.
I had this chicken masala with saffron rice. As for the recipe, I found it at Thanks to as well. The rice was great.



  1. Place the saffron in a small bowl and cover with 3 tablespoons of boiling water.
  2. Soak for 10 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, heat the butter over moderate heat in a large 3 or 4 quart stockpot.
  4. Add the cinnamon and cloves and stir well.
  5. Add the onions, garlic and saute for about 2 minutes.
  6. Add the rice and stir for about 5 minutes.
  7. Pour in the 4 cups of boiling water or broth, salt, and the cardamom.
  8. Bring to a boil over high heat.
  9. Add the saffron and its soaking water.
  10. Stir gently.
  11. Cover, reduce heat, and cook for 25 minutes.
  12. Fluff, remove cloves and cinnamon sticks and serve hot.

I have been there before. Itupun ada orang belanja. The food was good, that was why I brought mu hubby there last night. Another reason was, my brother said, their lamb mandy is good. So I wanted to try.

But, I was quite disappointed. I took mixed grill and hubby took lamb mandy. The mandy rice was so so. The rice was dry dan rasa rempah campak agak kuat. I didn't taste the lamb. As for the grill, the chicken was nice, moist and tasty. But others.. mmm.. so so I guess. We ordered lemonade, but the color of the drink just like lemon tea. Well, I don't know, may be this is their version of lemonade.

Total I have to pay, RM63 for 1 lamb mandy, 1 mixed grilled, and 2 drinks. A bit pricy I think. My conclusion, lamb mandy at Sahara Tent is at least 50 times tastier, but in terms of portion, Alrawsha won. But again, I think I don't mind paying extra RM3 for smaller portion but tastier mandy at Sahara Tent. As for the mixed grill, I prefer Tarbush. At Tarbush you will get, chicken, beef, shish kebab dan lamb chop, it's the same like mixed grill in Bahrain, and the price, same as Alrawsha. So, if I were on budget, I'll go for Tarbush (but don't go to Tarbush Star Hill, for some reason I feel it was a bit pricy there, may be beause of the location), but for taste, I will go to Sahara Tent.

I was not invited :(

Last Friday, Hefni was invited to a dinner. It was Multimedia University Convocation Dinner, and it was held at Pullman Hotel Putrajaya. Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah were there. Huh.. jealous giler.

Anyway, I pushed him to go, because all this while I was the only one who went for dinner at hotels, etc. So let him, and who knows, he will get new contacts and business. Hehehe..

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

My hubby, in front of the hotel (I will post more of the pictures in next entry, beautiful hotel)

The menu

Three hot and cold combinations

Soup "stocking busuk" (my hubby yg kasi nama)

Deep fried boneless chicken with spicy szechuan hotbean sauce

Fragrant wok fried rice topped with silver anchovies

stewed assorted mushroom served with broccoli and oyster sauce

Chilled fresh sea coconut with longan

Bom Alska

His verdict, so so. I have no comment.

I took a train from work last night. Hefni had to finish his work, so he couldn't fetch me. Frankly speaking, I hate taking public transport. It was such a turn off for me, actually. I hate being in a crowd. I hate sweating in my uniform. I hate waiting for the train. So I decided to wait at the office until 7 p.m. I hope by that time no more long line at the station.

Well, I was right. It was quite a smooth ride though. From my office I took a monorail at Raja Chulan station to Hang Tuah. The monorail was there when I reached the terminal. I took off at Hang Tuah to catch up LRT Ampang Line (it was known as STAR LRT before), and I don't have to wait long also. Lucky.

When I reached Ampang station, apparently they have shifted the taxi stand to the other side of the station. Well, ok. As long as people waiting in queue for the cab, I don't mind. But it started to rain when I got the cab. I totally forgot about the new rate. Now it's RM3 for the first, I don't know hour or km. What I know, the cost now almost double. Last time, it cost me, at most RM4.50 to reach my apartment from the LRT station, but now, it's RM7. Almost dropped my jaw, hehe. Lucky, I still have RM10 in my purse (I seldomly bring lots of cash), otherwise I have to call my hubby and ask him to pay. Hehehe..

Anyway, along the way home, I saw there were few people wearing facial mask. I don't blame them actually, but for some reason, it makes me stuffy and uncomfortable. And I felt like I couldn't breath. That was just me I guess.

This morning I went to Santa Restaurant. This time I really melantak, revenge I guess, because I didn't go there last Saturday.

Papa Boy - R.I.P

Yesterday, coming back from Banting, Papa Boy dah kaku. He left us. He left all of us. He left lots of memories. Good memories. I remember he slept with me, right next to me, when Cuddy passed away. He had been our Boy, long before Fly. Definitely he had very, very special place in our heart. He's my Boy, the one and only Papa Boy.

He was so popular amongst the girls.

With unknown female cat

Trying to seduce Cuddy

And this is his girlfriend, Mimi. Mimi loves him so much

Pa, thank you very much for all the sweet memories.
Thank you for always being by my side.
Thank you for being a very, very good boy.
Thank you for everything.
I'm sorry if I ever treated you wrong.
I'm sorry if I didn't give you the best.
I will miss you so much.
Nobody will ever replace you in my heart.
Rest in peace,
my dear Boy.

p/s: I thought I was strong, but as I write this, I can't stop my tears from falling down. I realize now, how much I love and miss Papa boy.

French Onion Soup

Akhirnya, kiter tunaikan juga hajat hubby untuk merasa onion soup. Lama dah dia "merengek" tu. Yelah, kiter bekerja, jadi kalau nak cuba resepi baru selalunya tunggu hujung minggu. Tapi bila dah belek-belek beberapa website, taklah sesusah mana pun. Jadi gagahkan dirilah nak buat. Lagipun, kalau white onion tu tak digunakan, takut rosak pula. Rugi je beli.

Basically I just need








and plus

Dan inilah hasilnya...

Kalau ikutkan, cheddar cheese tak berapa sesuai, sebab bila masuk dalam oven, it was not melted. Turns out jadi macam kerepek pula. Lagi satu, kat rumah takde thyme dan french bread, jadi kiter tak letak thyme and substitute french bread dengan burger bun. Hubby loves it, and mission accomplished.

I saw one guy selling vegetable, just outside Ampang Point Shopping Complex. It's all prepacked and he sold it at RM2/pack. And I ended up buying this:

6 potatoes in a pack. Buat potato chips sedap tau...

4 big onions in a pack

It was really good bargain. Usually, 1 white onion can cost you almost RM10, but I got 4 for RM2. And now my husband is asking me to cook Onion Soup.

Wow, my apartment now has its own gym. Has to pay RM20/monthly. Which is OK, but you can not expect much. Nothing like True Fitness, no lady's area and all that. But it has sauna.

May be I should register. I need to start exercising again. I think I'm getting debab now, even I'm on no-rice diet. Not like the first month. I lost around 5kgs that time! *sigh*

I came back late last night. Not as late as before. I finished at 8 p.m. I'm glad I finished my work yesterday, otherwise Monday will be very super hectic day for me.

Anyway, my hubby had not taken lunch yesterday. He only ate dates in the evening. Since he was quite hungry, I suggested satay as our dinner. Of course none other than Zaini Satay. We missed them sooo much. We had a plan to eat satay last week, but they were closed for a week. Rupa-rupanya, Kak Chun dan Abang Zaini pergi Umrah. Alhamdulillah.

No wonder. Kak Chun looked sooo berseri last night with white tudung, while Abang Zaini wearing kopiah.

So, we ordered 10 cucuks of chicken and another 10 cucuks of beaf, plus nasi impit. Yum..yum.. unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera. I would love to show off their tasty, juicy and big satay here. May be later. Since my hubby was hungry, we finished 20 cucuks just like that. Otherwise, 5 cucuks each person, sudah betul-betul full.

They have been in business for more than 30 years. Cukup respect this couple. Most of their children study abroad, ada yang ke UK ada yang ke Japan. One of them, medical doctor. Jangan tak tau, kalau tengah musim sakura tu, both of them will fly to Japan tau!

For me, cukup susah nak cari orang yang betul-betul ikhlas nak berniaga. Kak Chun always asks her clients to comment her satay and kuah kacang. She will definitely listen to her clients. Really, really puas makan satay dia. Her satay, is much, much better than Satay Kajang. God bless both of them.


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