Whenever I'm dealing with cashier or customer service or any service provider, I will try not to be harsh. I'm a service provider myself and I always remind myself how hard it is to handle difficult customers and for some reason, God will some sort of punish you, if you're being one.

But last night, I was totally pissed off with this Bangla. When I approached his stall to look for a tuna fish (ikan tongkol), he was on the phone. I saw another guy was sitting there, doing nothing and didn't approach me. Fine. So I took one fish and ask the guy to weigh and tell me how much. He said "RM7" while still on the phone. And me being idiot, straight away say yes and gave him instruction on how to cut my fish, without waiting for him to hang up!

I told him "Kepala, buang.. saya tak mau.. kemudian potong EMPAT" while showing FOUR of my FINGERS to him. He was still on the phone and only hung up when he wanted to use his chopper. I kept looking at him, while he was cutting my fish. Something is not right, my heart told me. But I could not see clearly what he was doing at first.

And I was right!!!! Something was not right. He cut my fish into 5 or 6 pieces!!! I only realized that when he asked me if I want the fish head to be cut into 2 or not!!!

Me : Saya sudah cakap tadi, saya tak nak kepala. Kemudian potong empat. Sekarang you potong berapa?
Bangla : Kakak takda cakap sama saya
Me : Macam mana you kata I tak cakap sama you. I sudah siap tunjuk empat jari saya. You tgk sekarang, berapa saya tunjuk? (showing my fingers again to him)
Bangla : jari kakak ada LIMA laa..
Me : Berapa jari saya, saya tunjuk sama you. EMPAT kan? EMPAT!!! kenapa you potong lebih?? Saya tak nak bayar RM7, kasi saya RM6, sebab you sudah salah potong. Lain kali kalau you tak paham, tanya.

Even though I did get RM1 discount, some how I feel a bit disappointed. I should've just left the fish. My hubby told me "In future, never buy from someone who's busy talking on the phone". Yeah, he's right, but again, I didn't expect HIM to serve me because I was another guy who was idling there!

Seriously, kiter susah sgt nak maki orang macam malam tadi. Selalunya boleh terima seadanya. But I don't like my tuna fish cut THINLY, idiot!!!!