This will be the last week in Ampang. I'm quite sad to leave this place actually. I have been staying there for almost 6 years, and I would say I grew up with Ampang.

To tell you the truth, I'm quite speechless. There were lots of memories. Leaving Ampang feels like I'm leaving all the memories, leaving all my "kids" behind. I feel like I'm going to leave Akane, Fly, Cuddy, Mikey, Shin-chan, Roger, Katik, Tompok, Mimi and Boy. I know. I know they were all gone. I should feel nothing, but most of them were buried there.

Akane was my first cat. Her master just let her loose. I brought her back because I could tell she was starving. True enough, she finished all the biscuit and slept all night long. She was not only starving, she was sooo exhausted being outside.

Fly was picked up by my hubby. Someone abandoned him and his mother. He was may be 2 months old at that time. I cried when I saw him for the first time. He didn't eat and just cried, calling for his mother for 3 days. Unfortunately, my hubby didn't manage to bring the mother along. But, when I put the food on my hand and put it in front of his nose, he started to eat. Subhanallah. He was hungry and just didn't what to do.

Cuddy, I brought her in exactly one year after Fly. My hubby said, he was very certain, Cuddy was actually Fly's mother. Poor girl. She was so skinny and dirty when we found her. We had to bathe her for more than 3 times. My friend once told me, Cuddy looks like me a lot, esp when both of us were grumpy.

I'm sure I'm going to miss Boy the most. He was adorable, and smart. He was just a stray. When I first met him, one of his eyes was blind. I noticed, every time he saw me, he would just follow me or rolling around. He was really manja. Sometimes he would follow me to the house. The best part is, he knew which is my house. He will go into the lift, once the door was open, he would know which way to go and he would lead the way and stopped exactly in front of my door. He turned totally blind few years later, and he would still recognize me and my house. I'm just glad, I took him in and let him stay in my house until he passed on. At least, he died in a comfortable place, and not as a stray.

Aaaahh.. too much. I feel like Mimi knew I'm about to leave the place. I have not seen her for more than 2 weeks already. Well, she was quite an old cat already. Recently I could tell she had not been very well. Even though she was afraid of people, and no one ever pet her, she was still a very special girl to me.

Oh God, give me strength.

My hubby said, he found an orange cat at his office. He feed the cat regularly. I saw this cat one time, and yeah.. he's very cute. Sometimes I do wonder, are these cats really can "smell" me? Hahaha.. anyway, even though I'm sad to leave Ampang, I'm looking forward for Cyberjaya. Cyberjaya, ready or not, here I come! ;)