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Cooking again!

I have not been cooking for 5 months, I guess. My husband has already complained about it. Not so much to trouble me, but he prefers my cooking than outside food. For me personally, I'm sick of outside food already. Everywhere we go, always tom yam, tom yam and tom yam.

It seems like I'm getting back to normal. So I decided to cook again. I told my hubby, if we could go back home quite early, I will cook for lunch the next day. Alhamdulillah, most of the days, we reached home at most 8.30 p.m and as promised I cooked for him. I even cooked ketam masak lemak for him last weekend. He was soooo happy and I think he started to put on weight again.

As for today, I cook this for lunch (and I know he really enjoys it and he rates these dishes 8.5 out of 10, indeed).

Pan-fried salmon steak, seared sea scallops, oven-roasted asparagus wrapped with streaky beef, served with home made hollandaise sauce and tartare sauce

What a coincidence

Yesterday I was complaining to my husband. Both my palms, were very itchy. I kept scratching them until they turned red and hot. I remember, some people say, it's a sign for money to come in. Hahaha.. I don't really believe in that, but when I do think about it, every end or early of the year, I will have that symptom. Because usually during that time, we will get our annual bonus, pay increment and ANG POW!

My husband calls me just now. He asks me when did I complaint about my itchy palms. I said yesterday. And he said "Guess what? My final claim for the 2-month contract with MMU, is in". Hahhaha.. Coincidence? Anyway, Alhamdulillah, for the rezeki from Allah s.w.t.

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, saya terbaca di akhbar-akhbar tempatan, pihak polis telah memberkas berpuluh-puluh rakyat Iran. Kenapa? Menyeludup dadah.

Harap-harap, kerajaan Malaysia akan mempertimbangkan semula kemudahan visa percuma untuk 90 hari bila memasuki negara kita untuk rakyat Iran. Memang betul, kita seagama, cuma berlainan mazhab, tetapi, nampaknya kemudahan ini telah mula disalahgunakan oleh mereka.

Sepanjang saya bekerja di syarikat penerbangan ini, saya perhatikan, sejak dua atau tiga tahun kebelakangan ini, semakin ramai pelancong dari negara Iran. Boleh dikatakan, hampir kesemua yang datang ke Malaysia, tidak boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris. Kadangkala, soalan yang paling mudah seperti "Siapa nama awak?", mereka tidak dapat menjawab, kerana mereka tidak faham bahasa Inggeris. Saya sungguh hairan. Kalau mereka tidak fasih, atau sekurang-kurang faham asas bahasa Inggeris, mengapa mereka masih melancong ke negara kita? Saya juga cukup musykil, kalau mereka tidak boleh berbahasa Inggeris langsung, kenapa tidak atau paling tidak, bawa bersama seseorang yang boleh menterjemah bahasa Inggeris ke bahasa Parsi dan sebaliknya? Kalaulah saya, saya tidak akan biarkan ibu saya yang tidak boleh berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Inggeris, melancong ke luar negara tanpa saya atau abang/kakak saya.

Mungkin DADAH adalah salah-satu sebabnya. Wallahua'alam.

I spent the weekend in Tangkak, doing nothing. :D I was supposed to attend my family gathering on Saturday night. Unfortunately, my husband had to meet his vendor on Saturday. It was a very last minute thing. I thought he would finish around 3 p.m, so we would still be able to attend the event. But he only arrived home around 8 p.m.

I didn't really mad at him. Work first, but I was starving on that day. I only had banana cake for my breakfast and lunch. I didn't have cash on me, and of course no car. And, nothing at home to be cooked. When he called me around 7 p.m, I couldn't help crying. He rushed home and brought KFC back. I ate, but I threw up, almost all. I will vomit if I eat too much or if I'm too hungry. Don't ask me why, ask the baby. :D

He insisted that we're going to Tangkak. I almost said no, but I have bought and prepared all the birthday presents for Babang, Mukmin, Husna, Tasha and Abid. And I could still feel the pain on my butt for walking too much the day before. So I agreed. Anyway, I have packed everything.

We arrived at the hotel (D'Anjung Inn), at midnight. Basically, they had dinner, prayed, recited Yaasin, etc, etc. Babang brought us to the conference room. When I opened the door all of them singing "Allah selamatkan kamu... " and Amira holding a small piece of cake with a candle and asked me to blow the candle. Hahahaha.. that's so sweet. Anyway, one of the agenda was to celebrate those who were born in January. I was one of them, and also my late brother, Abang Ali. I'm just glad my family always remember my birthday is not 31st Dec, but 06th Jan. And I was soooo surprised, Suraya (my cousin) also remembers this too.

Since I was so exhausted, after dinner (dinner at midnight? whatever), went straight to the room. We didn't join them in Ledang the next morning, instead we stayed until check-out time and head back home.

Anyway, our (me and hubby) next mission is staying over the weekend, at a hotel. Good hotel perhaps. May be very near to house (I'm considering Pullman Putrajaya), spend a night there and the very next morning will have good breakfast, not typical nasi lemak. Really can't wait for that. ;)

p/s : sudah terbayang the buffet already

Huh.. That's not all. The complete journey is like this :
From Ampang to Cyberjaya to Bagan Lalang to BB Salak Tinggi to Bagan Lalang to Olak Lempit to Banting to Olak Lempit to Dengkil to Cyberjaya and back to Ampang.

I drove almost non-stop yesterday. Yeah, it was tiring and it was very, very hot. But I was quite happy.

First stop : Cyberjaya
Sent my husband to work. He supposed to take leave on that day, but he had lots of stuff. So he didn't apply for it. It was quite late. He clocked in at almost 9 a.m. I hope he will not receive any show cause letter. :D He had a meeting yesterday morning, and since we haven't had our breakfast, he asked me to tapau anything plus teh ais. Well, I was not into mamak, so I decided to try Mak Teh's nasi lemak at Neo Cyberjaya. So, I got nasi lemak and teh ais for both of us, and some lauk for my husband. I took the car, so I bought him lauk for lunch. While waiting for him (to finish his meeting), I saw Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. It was quite late so I made my move and heading to Bagan Lalang.

Second stop : Bagan Lalang
Yasmin, my niece lost her IC, and my brother refused to take her to JPN to apply for a replacement. Well, since I'm on leave, I decided to take her to JPN. So, I fetched her from Bagan Lalang.

Third stop : BB Salak Tinggi. It took me about 1/2 hour to reach JPN office, BB Salak Tinggi. I think that's the closest branch to Bagan Lalang folks. I arrived there at 11.30 a.m. We waited for one hour to get the temporary IC for my niece. Well, that was pretty quick, and since she's below 18, she didn't have to pay RM100 fees.

Forth stop : Bagan Lalang.. again
Of course I have to send her back. I thought of having lunch together, but I was rather late and she has to start work at 2 p.m. So I just sent her straight home.

Fifth stop : Olak Lempit
"Maakk.. I'm home, and I'm starving!" :D I haven't had my nasi lemak yet. And it was almost 2.30 p.m when I reached Mak's house. Mak had prepared lunch already. So I had some lauk as well. Wow, ada betik muda masak bening. Slluuurrrppp...

Sixth stop : Banting
Mak wanted to cash her Wang Pos. So I brought her to the post office.There are lots of people there. So we had to wait for at least 1/2 hour for our turn. We managed to exchanged the Wang Pos around 3.30 p.m. It was rather late actually as I need to be back to Cyberjaya before 5 p.m. I quickly drove to Metro Maternity for my monthly check-up. No one was there, so the session was quite a quick one. The baby is OK. But I found that this time the image on the screen was not good as before. It was hard for me to see the baby. But overall was OK. Doc said, nothing to worry about. I rushed to Tesco, which is at the back of the hospital. Mak bought groceries for her and she knew I was rushing, so she made it very quick.

Seventh stop : Olak Lempit. Mak told me to unload her stuff and put it at the porch. No need to bring them in. Once I unloaded everything I made my move to Cyberjaya. It was 5 p.m already. I called my husband whether to get his medication first or straight to Cyberjaya. He said, go and get the medication first. Oh well, whatever he said.

Eighth stop : Dengkil. The clinic is located in Dengkil. So I decided to take old road from Mak's place, so I don't have to make U-turn or what-so-ever at Cyberjaya ram. It was actually a supplement for my husband. Sooo many question they asked. I was wondering if they ever kept my husband's record. Oh well, at last I managed to get the stuff and head straight to Cyberjaya.

Last stop : Cyberjaya. I arrived there around 5.30 p.m. I knew my husband will not finished by that time, but I wanted to view a vacant apartment there. Insya-Allah, we will move there.

Arrived Ampang around 8.30 p.m. What a long day!

What can I say? Regret? YES! Disappointed? Also YES! But I can't complaint much because I have finished my bonus on the clothes. Well, I should allocate some for my make-up, but the thing is, most of my stuff finished at the same time.

I always prefer Bobbi Brown. Since the product is quite pricy, I just buy the essential one like foundation and loose powder. If I have extra fund, I will also get the concealer.

This is my list:
1- Loose powder (totally finished)
2- Blusher (totally finished)
3- Eyeshadow (I still have my Silky Girl eyeshadow, but it was bad. It was flaky and all the color got mixed up)
4- Moisturized lipstick (I still have Bobbi Brown lipstick but it's a dry type. I have wrongly bought that one and I can't use dry type. Will make my lips flaky)

So, I thought of getting all the stuff from the Bodyshop. So I went to Pavilion yesterday while waiting for my husband. Hmmm.. I was quite disappointed. The make-up range not as good as before, in terms of variety and quantity. But I'm too lazy to go to another shop. So, I just bought my make-up there.

Today, as I put on my make-up, another disappointment. The loose powder, I feel like putting on flour on my face instead of facial powder. The color is darker than my BB loose powder, but somehow it makes my face whiter. Now I understand what Bobbi meant by color tone in her book. She said something like, most of us, no matter what color your skin is, yellow is the base color, not pink or red. White is only, strictly ONLY for really, really, really fair skin, which is very, very rare in this world even in western countries. And I think that's why, when I put on my new loose powder, it doesn't look natural at all. Luckily I still have my BB foundation.

As for the chick color, I'm not quite satisfied as well. The color, the PRICE! For that price, mind as well, I go to BB and buy there! It's horrible. Well, partly my mistake. I didn't try to put it on my face yesterday. I was reluctant because the girl simply took the brush and the blusher, ready to put it on my face, without offering to clean my face first! Oh God! I did put on make-up earlier, if I tried without cleaning (at least my cheek), how can I tell that's the correct shades for me! Haiyooo! That's why I just grab it. Now sudah menyesal.

Well, I have to stick to these products at the moment. May be next month or when I receive ang pow from Mr. Lai, I will get my stuff from Bobbi Brown. Or, even if I'm on tight budget, I would go for Maybelline or Loreal. Their products are even better the Bodyshop. *sigh*

Still feeling down

Emotionally, I'm still like that. I'm still not happy. I'm not happy with certain things here. It's hard for me to "over write" bad things in my mind at the moment. Well, may be this is the challenge during my pregnancy.

This weekend, I'm going to Muar for our second family gathering. I hope, this trip will help me to recover. Even though I need a longer break, but I hope it will be a good start for me. Anyway, I'm taking a day of on Monday. That's good enough.

I'm going for my 3rd ante-natal check-up on Monday. I asked my husband to take a day off as well. Unfortunately he can't. Well, I prefer him to come with me. I really want him to see the baby, but now his priority is work. I'm quite sad, but I feel more sad if he just sit at home and do nothing.

Anyway, wish me luck. I hope I will recover very soon.


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