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I don't remember when was it. But I do remember I was driving alone, somewhere in Bandar Baru Ampang. I turned on the radio and tuned into Sinar f.m. The DJ was giving out some riddles, I guess. I don't remember what was the question.

The was a caller, it was a guy. The conversation went something like this.

Caller : Saya rasa jawapan dia buldazo.
DJ : Apa dia?
Caller : Buldazo
DJ : Apa dia tu?
Caller : Buldazo lah. Buldazo? Awak tak tau ke buldazo?
DJ : Buldazo tu apa?
Caller : Buldazo.. tu yg besar, besar tu
DJ : ......................................
DJ : Kih kih kih kih... hahahahaa.. kah kah kah kah... Bang, itu bukan
buldazo, itu BULL DO ZER! Takpelah ye. Semua orang pun ada buat
silap. Yang penting nak belajar. Cuba sebut sekali lagi.. BULL DO ZER!

After that I didn't hear anything from the guy. I think he was annoyed with the DJ, not because she laughed like mad, but she didn't know what BULDAZO is. So, the producer decidec to cut off the line. May be.

p/s : Sorry, I was laughing like mad also. Hahahahaha.. what a joke

I have been wanting to update my blog for such a long time. But time doesn't permit. Well, I hope I still remember what I want to write, right now.

Two weeks ago, was my Saturday off. So, whatever pending jobs, I have to settled on Friday, including closing Daily Sales. Florence was on leave that day. Basically, we were short-handed. I have at least 3 groups to issue, but I didn't have time to do so. Phone calls and walk-in passengers kept coming in. So, I asked my BF to come and buy food from pasar malam. And I stayed until 11 p.m that night. Well, that was the first anyway.

Usually, during my Saturday off, I will go to Pasar Borong Selangor at Sri Kembangan. I did some shopping. I bought fish also for Boy. Penat the night before tak habis lagi actually. I decided to try out Laksa Johor. That was the first time I made after I learn the recipe from my BF's mother. Since I don't think I can't cook just enough for both of us, we offer some to his brother, sister-in-law and sister. Thank God, we did offer to them. Otherwise, I don't think we can finish it. Well, the response, I would say, not a bad start for first timer like me.

29th April, was my favorite niece (Eilisa Shafina) 8th birthday. But I was totally forgot about that. Only the next morning I realized it. So I text my sister, I need to speak to my niece so tell me if she's already woke up. Few minutes later, she text me back and asked me to call her mobile. I apologized to her for not wishing her happy birthday earlier. I forgot about it. But she just replied "Tak apa" so sweetly. I missed that girl. I did promise her to buy birthday present.

2nd May, new staff, Kelly came in. Since, the PC is not ready and Lucy was on leave, I asked Kelly to seat at my place and I used Lucy's set. Oh my God. I wonder how can Lucy survive at her place. The area was small and the desk also quite small. I prefer my table.

Yesterday, I finished work at 2130! It was so tiring. But I couldn't sleep well, which cause migraine. I still go to work this morning, because I need to close yesterday's sales and I still have 1 group to be issued. But at last I ask permission from Lucy to leave office at 1300hrs. I went and see my doctor, Dr. Nazariha. She gave me 1 type of pill, which I don't remember the name, and asked me to sleep.

The pill does relief the pain, but not much. I had to take 2 tablets of Panadol, and I feel much, much better now.

Oh, before I forgot, Lucy will send me to Bahrain to attend some briefing on Hotel Booking System. She suppose to go, but she has her own reason not to go and send me instead. Which means, I have to renew my passport.

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