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Happy 8th anniversary

2nd January, 2012, marks my eighth year with this company. Such a long time. The longest in my working history. So many things, good and bad, sweet and bitter, have happened. Will I stay another one more year? Only God knows.

The busy me

Oh well. Very true. I am super duper busy nowadays. I really wanted to write, but I just couldn't find time just for doing that. Hmm not only updating my blog, I wanted to try out new recipes also very hard nowadays.

There were so many things I want to write here. Be it my daily experience, my observation, my children (yes now I have 2 little babies and I don't really have time to tell about them here), my hobbies, everything. But I'm too busy.

Work and children, these two really take my time. Since now is the end of school holidays, I can slow down a bit, and that's why I'm writing this. Children? Ilyas is quite OK. I can let him play while I'm doing house chores. Najlaa? Hmm.. she's now just like Ilyas before. I can't leave her at all. I have to sneak out if I want to do something else. Otherwise she will cry like kena dera. 

Oh well, I can't wait for Najlaa to start walking. I hope by that time, she can play with her brother and her father, WITHOUT ME BEING AT HER SIDE ALL THE TIME!! I'm not complaining though. I quite enjoy the motherhood, but sometimes I need just a little bit of time just for myself.

Mak dah pindah rumah

Yesterday, first time jejakkan kaki ke rumah baru Mak. A bit sad actually. Rumah lama boleh letak 2 set sofa, 2 set dining table, and the kitchen, very spacious. This new house? Nama jek semi-d, tapi almost everything in that house, smaller than my 3-bedroom apartment. Sosak napas Mak. Paling sedih tgk kitchen. Nak letak fridge kecik pun rasanya tak muat. *sigh*

Whenever I'm dealing with cashier or customer service or any service provider, I will try not to be harsh. I'm a service provider myself and I always remind myself how hard it is to handle difficult customers and for some reason, God will some sort of punish you, if you're being one.

But last night, I was totally pissed off with this Bangla. When I approached his stall to look for a tuna fish (ikan tongkol), he was on the phone. I saw another guy was sitting there, doing nothing and didn't approach me. Fine. So I took one fish and ask the guy to weigh and tell me how much. He said "RM7" while still on the phone. And me being idiot, straight away say yes and gave him instruction on how to cut my fish, without waiting for him to hang up!

I told him "Kepala, buang.. saya tak mau.. kemudian potong EMPAT" while showing FOUR of my FINGERS to him. He was still on the phone and only hung up when he wanted to use his chopper. I kept looking at him, while he was cutting my fish. Something is not right, my heart told me. But I could not see clearly what he was doing at first.

And I was right!!!! Something was not right. He cut my fish into 5 or 6 pieces!!! I only realized that when he asked me if I want the fish head to be cut into 2 or not!!!

Me : Saya sudah cakap tadi, saya tak nak kepala. Kemudian potong empat. Sekarang you potong berapa?
Bangla : Kakak takda cakap sama saya
Me : Macam mana you kata I tak cakap sama you. I sudah siap tunjuk empat jari saya. You tgk sekarang, berapa saya tunjuk? (showing my fingers again to him)
Bangla : jari kakak ada LIMA laa..
Me : Berapa jari saya, saya tunjuk sama you. EMPAT kan? EMPAT!!! kenapa you potong lebih?? Saya tak nak bayar RM7, kasi saya RM6, sebab you sudah salah potong. Lain kali kalau you tak paham, tanya.

Even though I did get RM1 discount, some how I feel a bit disappointed. I should've just left the fish. My hubby told me "In future, never buy from someone who's busy talking on the phone". Yeah, he's right, but again, I didn't expect HIM to serve me because I was another guy who was idling there!

Seriously, kiter susah sgt nak maki orang macam malam tadi. Selalunya boleh terima seadanya. But I don't like my tuna fish cut THINLY, idiot!!!!

Bad luck??

I would say, it was a very challenging start for the year 2011. It was not a very good start anyway for me and my little family. But it was not totally bad at all. At least there were few things really brought cheers to me.

In January alone, I took 3 days medical leave. I hardly get fever, but once I had it.. it will take quite long to recover. The bad part is, sinus. It's getting worst. I can't sleep at night. Even if I can sleep, I had to sit while sleeping. I can easily get stressed. Even by the blocked nose.

There were times, I took a walk, outside of my house at 2 or 3 a.m!!! I just couldn't stay in the house. As if something was pushing me out of the house. Creepy eh??

It was not all. Ilyas fell of the bed. Head first. It was 10 p.m. So we had to rush to Putrajaya Hospital. I was crying until I got to the emergency department. We waited for about one hour to see doctor. While waiting, Ilyas started to be himself again. He was very active and cheerful. Even more cheerful when we got to see the doctor. Alhamdulillah. Everything was ok. But the doctor asked us to monitor Ilyas for about 24 hours, and if during observation, he vomits at least 3 times, then we had to bring him back to the hospital. Alhamdulillah, Ilyas is ok.

Exactly one week later, I had to visit the emergency room again. This time, my husband. Not very critical, but he needs to do one minor surgery. And since it was not really an emergency, we had to wait for more than 4 hours to see the doctor. I'm not complaining though. Luckily Kak Shikin is willing to take care of Ilyas that night. So another two days off for me to assist my husband with the hospitalization procedures.

One after another. As I was heading to my workplace, the car brokedown!!! In the middle of MEX highway!!! Subhanallah.. Lucky enough, I had Etiqa auto assist phone no in my handbag. So I called them up to arrange the pick-up truck. And lucky enough, my SIL's Kancil is available, so I had to use her car for 2-3 days.

And now, Alhamdulillah... things getting better and better. My sinus also getting better. At least I can sleep quite well. It's not bad luck after all. I take it as challenge from Allah. May be He will grant me something, and of course I must pass all His tests first. I feel better and stronger now. Thank you Allah, and thanks to my husband for his support and not forgetting my other family members.

Haaaiii..... tersangat-sangatlah geram dengan satu syarikat penghantaran ni.

Ceritanya macam ni. Hari Selasa baru ni (11JAN), kiter beli car seat untuk Ilyas. Yelah, tak lama lagi, perut dah makin memboyot, macam mana nak pangku dia dalam kereta. Kiter beli online di Kalau nak beli terus dari bilik pameran lilttlewhiz, memanglah boleh. Tapi nun jauh di Shah Alam. Kiter pulak bukan ada masa sangat nak berjalan jauh-jauh tu. Car seat ni pula, antara yang paling murah, tetapi banyak komen positif. Jadi, kiter pun belilah. Harga termasuk kos penghantaran sekitar RM280.

Disebabkan kiter buat GIRO transfer, jadi barang tidak dapat dihantar pada hari yang sama. Pihak littlewhiz, perlukan masa untuk mengesahkan pindahan wang tersebut. Itu kiter sedia maklumlah.

Keesokan harinya, kiter terima email daripada pihak littlewhiz, mengatakan mereka telah menerima pindahan wang. Jadi, mereka telah menghantar barang tersebut pada 12JAN, dan kiter akan terima barang itu pada 14JAN. Kiter beri alamat pejabat hubby. Sebab car seat tu berat dekat 10kg. Kiter tak mampu nak angkut barang tu dari office ke parking.

Tunggu punyer tunggu, hingga ke tengahari, masih juga tak muncul-muncul. Selepas makan tengahari, kiter cuba hubungi pihak syarikat penghantaran. Walaupun kiter sudah beri no resit penghantaran, staff syarikat tu masih lagi bertanya semua maklumat kiter. Pertama kali, tak mengapalah. Tapi kalau setiap kali kiter telefon, bertanya perkara yang sama, tak naik angin ke?

Staff tersebut berjanji akan menelefon kiter semula. Tetapi saya minta dia hubungi hubby. Senang, sebab dia yang akan menerima barang tersebut. Bila kiter cek dengan hubby, tiada siapa pun yg menghubungi dia. Oklah. Pertama kali.

Kiter hubungi semula syarikat tersebut. Hmmm.. masih bertanyakan maklumat kiter. Takpelah. Kiter jawab juger. Kemudian, staff itu kata, pemandu tidak dapat dihubungi. Kiter dah bagitau, office hubby tutup pukul 5.30. Jadi dia pun janji akan hubungin hubby selewat-lewatnya 4.30 petang.

Haaiii.. pukul 4.30 pun masih tak telefon lagi. Sekitar 5.15 petang, kiter hubungi lagi sekali. Lagi sekali bertanyakan maklumat penghantaran dari kiter. Kiter pun tanyalah, kenapa tak hubungi hubby. Jawapan "Masih tak dapat hubungi driver lah. Dia dah offkan telefon dia". Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!! Terlopong kiter dibuatnya.

Perbualan selanjutnya :

Kiter : Macam mana kalau barang tu hilang?
Staff : Oh takkan hilang Puan. Barang tu dengan driver.
Kiter : Kalau driver hilang, barang tu pun akan hilang juga la kan? Dia pun awak tak dapat hubungi? Macam mana? Macam mana kalau hilang?
Staff : Macam nilah Puan, Puan telefon kita balik esok pagi. Kiter boleh hantar esok
Kiter : Tapi esok office suami saya tutup.
Staff : Takpe, Puan boleh beri alamat rumah, dan kita akan hantar ke rumah.

Hari ini, bila kiter telefon lagi.

Kiter : Boleh tolong cek consignment note ni......?
Staff : Hantar bila, siapa nama puan, hantar ke mana?

Dalam hati kiter, geram sungguh. Masih bertanya lagi soalan yang sama ke? Syarikat ni takde sistem yang simpan semua maklumat ni ke?

Kiter : Saya sepatutnya terima barang semalam. Tapi you guys kata, tak dapat hubungi driver. Hari ni office suami saya tutup.
Staff : Oh kalau macam tu, kita arrange hari Isnin lah.
Staff : Oh kalau macam tu kasilah alamat rumah. Tadi kata office tutup, sebab tu nak arrange hari Isnin.

He has no idea, I'm getting pissed off already. Why didn't your colleague write something or indicate in the remarks, that I want them to send to my house today! OH YAAA.. I FORGOT, THEY DONT HAVE THE BLOODY SYSTEM. IF THEY HAVE, THEY WILL NOT ASK MY NAME, MY CONTACT NO, AND DELIVERY ADDRESS OVER N OVER AGAIN!!!!!!

Staff : Nanti saya cuba cek dulu dan akan hubungi Puan semula
Kiter : Dari semalam kata nak call, tak pernahnya call.

Rupa-rupanya, hari ini pun, pemandu tersebut masih tidak dapat dihubungi. Subhanallah. Pihak littlewhiz kata, hari Isnin pemandu tersebut akan masuk pejabat. I wish. If not, meletup lah lagi jawabnya.

Setiap kali kiter tanya, macam mana kalau barang hilang, pihak syarikat penghataran, dan pihak littlewhiz, seakan tidak dapat memberi jawapan yang tepat. Haaaaiii...

I didn't announce my pregnancy this time. It's not that I'm not thankful for the rezeki, but I'm kinda not ready yet for this one. But I just accept it, since as a Muslim, I can't abort this baby. I always believe, Allah knows better and whatever had happened, I leave it to Him.

According to my GP, my pregnancy should be around 18 weeks, but if it is based on my last period, this week is only the 17th week. Anyway, my EDD will be around 19th June, 2011. And yes, Ilyas is not even 1 year old that time, but almost. The best part is, I can celebrate 3 occasions in 1 month, my anniversary, Ilyas' birthday, and his brother/sister's birthday. :D

Now, I'm wondering. Who's next? I know my cousin's wife is also pregnant, but I'm not sure who got pregnant first. So far, I managed to spread the "pregnancy virus" to my hubby's niece. She has been waiting for this moment for more than a year, I guess. So congrats, Ira. How about my own family? Will Kak Yang get infected by this virus too? :D

Happy birthday to me

I'm 32 years old, today! Well, this is my real birthday. Everybody will ask "What do you mean by your REAL birthday? How many birthday do you have?".

Well, thanks to my late uncle, Paman Wik, for making my life story a little bit interesting. I was born on 6th January, 1979. Somehow, Paman Wik, changed it to 31st December, 1978. How did he do that? I have no idea. But basically, he did ask for my mom's permission. Mak told him "Kalau kepala otak budak ni tak betul, siap ko". Luckily, my kepala otak is fine. Hahahaha..

I received the best birthday present ever this year. It's not new baby (even though I'm expecting another one now), but this is even better. I've been PROMOTED!! I'm soooo happy. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for all these rezekis. Bonus, promotion, salary adjustment and the new baby. Alhamdulillah.


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