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My first Apple Pie

I told you I'm having "baking" fever. Hahaha.. may be I'm a bit tired of cooking lauk-pauk. Another reason I started baking is my sayang. He keet asking me "When are you going to bake me this or that? When will you start using your hand mixer?" So, that's it. I downloaded the recipe from It was a bit, just little bit complicated, but I managed to follow every single step, patiently. Hahaha.. well, I only have hand mixer and very limited working space. And the results, my sayang loves it sooo much.

Thanks to chef Anna Olson. This is my first time trying her recipe. And what else can I say? I have "fallen in love" with her. Hehehe..

Just to update on my "baking fever". I baked this chocolate cake and brought it to my first Blackwood meeting at Nurul's place. Here are some pictures of the cakes. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Kak Anim for the great, yet simple recipe.

I was a bit nervous actually, but when Nurul texted me and told me how much she and the others love my cake, I was soo relieved. I also brought this choc cake for another friend. Another good review I received.

So for those who are interested, I'm selling this cake at RM35/cake. This is promotional price. :)

Annual Dinner

Our table

Gulf Air team

Gulf Air Team with Susan and Tuan

Sweet, sweet Florence

Our hero, Encik Azman

Our Chairman, Mr Lai

Mr Param receiving long service award (10 years category)

Our beloved Abang Zali, receiving long service award (20 years category)

She's too happy after servicing the company for 30 years.

Our own Elvis Presley

Mr Henry, My Way

Alamak, ada peminat laa..

Mr Henry and Mdm Kathy, Endless Love

Boleh tahan juga Mr Lai dancing... ;)

Seems like every had fun. Singing and dancing and of course eating. Anyway, the bread pudding was sooo yummy.. hehehe...

Tips for air travellers

1- Some airlines still require reconfirmation and some don't. Whether airlines require or not, call the airline, at least to update your local contact number, be it mobile, hotel or your relative/friend house. This is to enable the airline staffs to update you, for cases like flight retiming or cancelation.

2- Whenever you contact the airline, by phone call or visiting the office, it's good if you bring along your ticket/e-ticket. Even if you don't have a copy of your e-ticket, write down important details like your full name, travelling date, flight number, airlines booking reference, e-ticket number, in your notebook. Also take note, airlines can't retrieve your booking by your name alone, or passport no or ID no. Good rules of thumb, in case you don't have your airlines booking reference or e-ticket no, you must give your flight origin (with flight number if possible), date of travel, and your surname.

3- Always, and always prepare to pay for penalty fees. Lots of airlines start charging for changes you make for your trip. So be prepared.

4- Missing your luggage? Make a report! This is the most important step. You must make a report at Lost & Found office at the airport. Obtain a print out of the report and keep with you until you receive your luggage back. In case you do not receive your luggage, 24 hours after you arrive, check with airline office on how to get your delay luggage allowance. And remember this is just a DELAY LUGGAGE allowance, not LOST luggage compensation. Also check with the airline what are the procedure in case your luggage cannot be found at all.

5- Don't be late! This is not bus. Please make sure you have sufficient time. Ask the staff for check-in time. Some airports require 2 hours prior departure and some 3 hours or more.

6- Most airports are implementing the LAGs restriction. L- liquid, A-aerosol, G-gel. You can only bring maximum of 1l in total, and you must repack them into 100ml bottles. If you have more than 1l, please put it in your check-in luggage.

Genap 16 tahun

Today, 06th Feb, 2009, genap 16 tahun arwah Bapak meninggal. I missed him soooooo much. Al-Fatihah untuk arwah Bapak.


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