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Last cat

I lost my last cat, Shin-Chan. He died this morning around 10 morning. And I thought I could still see him after office. Since my BF kept telling me he was still alive.

Not to blame him caused when Dr. Jonathan called him this morning, he didn't really say that Shin-Chan has gone. He kept talking about the blood count. But when I went there just now, Dr. Jonathan said, Shin-Chan died right before he called my BF.

I don't know how shall I feel. Sad? Of course I'm sad but I couldn't cry. Relief? A bit, caused he didn't suffer anymore. But I do feel empty. For the first time ever, I can just leave all doors in my house open. I do feel empty. No one's waiting for me when I'm home. No meow, no nothing.

I missed all of them. Akane, Fly, Cuddy, Mikey and of course Shin-Chan.

Last night, I decided to send Shin-Chan to Dr. Jonathan. He refused to eat and stop drinking. I was quite worried cause he started showing symptoms like Mikey. I can force feed him but I had enough. It was not an easy task. That's why I decided to take him to Dr. Jonathan, at least for 1 night.

His temperature was like more than 40 degrees Celcius, which is considered boiling hot, according to Dr. Jonathan. And he said, they have to start put him on IV drip. I couldn't bear to see Shin-Chan's leg being shaved and injected. He's still young. Just about 4 months old. I haven't had any chance to vaccinate him. Poor thing.

Dr. Jonathan suggested to do blood transfusion. It would be very painful for the kitten, even for an adult cat. But, I don't know. Since I was a bit hesitated, he suggested to go for blood test first. See what's going on inside his body. Could be FLP, could be Leukemia. Tawakkal alaAllah.

I'll see him today after work. I hope there's some improvement.

Berebut makanan.

With their step-mother, late Cuddy

This is Mikey

Tengah tidur kat rumah Pontian

Mikey tengah berguru dengan papa Boy


Sayang each other

Mikey : Shin-chan, can you please look at the camera?
Shin-Chan : Eh! Apa kat lantai tu?

Baby Mikey

Baby Mikey

Mikey sayang Shin-Chan


Baby Shin-Chan

When I woke up this morning, I felt something like pinching my right hand. Again, my hand just below my thumb swelling. For no reasons. I didn't do anything that can cause injury to my hand. Nothing that I can remember off.

This is actually the second time. The first time was last week. But my BF did help me with little massage and I rubbed it with lotion I got from HKL. Well, the swollen reduced.

My BF quite worried and asked me to go and see Dr. Nazariha of Klinik Idzham. I did see her this morning and she asked me if I did something to my hand. According to her, there are 2 possibilities. One is injury and another one could be allergic. But possibility no 2 was ruled out cause I don't feel any itchiness.

She was quite puzzled. She gave me 1 day rest plus 1 medicine to reduce the swelling. She also advised me to take painkiller. Since I've got soooo much of painkiller at home, she only provide me 1 medication. She also advise me if I could soak my hand in warm water. It will help to open up my blood vessels and help with better blood circulation.

If in future, same thing happen again to my hand, she advise to get my hand x-rayed. Fair enough.

After leaving the clinic, I went to see my vet, Dr. Jonathan. My Shin-chan refused to eat, so I was thinking to get a can of a/d wet food for him. We had a long conversation since I have not been seeing him for quite sometimes.

I was so surprised Elaine found my entry in forum. Well, they had been very helpful and supportive when I send my Cuddy there. Well, it's something like a payback time. Of course I still have to settle the bills, but I just want to share with other pet owners who live near Ampang area. They are good if not the best. So, they thanked me for the post. It was only a little help. But according to Dr. Jonathan, lots of people came to see him after reading my comments. Well, it's good for them.

Aku, payung

I don't remember which day, but for sure just recently. I picked-up a call. It was one of the biggest Bumi travel agent in town. It was a Malay girl.

Me : Good afternoon, Gulf Air.
Agent : Good afternoon, who's that?
Me : My name is Sabrina
Agent : Ha? UMBRELLA?

I press MUTE button on my phone and laughing out loud. I almost fell off my chair. She called me an UMBRELLA??? What on earth, you want to put your name UMBRELLA. I almost told the agent "Dear, even if a Chinese or to be more accurate Chinese yang betul-betul Cinak but wants to be heard soooo sophisticated and modern (this is not my statement, originally by Florence who's Chinese herself), won't call herself UMBRELLA. The most hillarious so far, someone called himself as SEVEN but not UMBRELLA, dear".

Hahahhaha... tak pasal-pasal dapat nama baru.

Sorry for not updating for almost 1 month. There were soooo much things to write, but I don't feel like it. One of the reasons, I lost one of my two kittens, not even a month after I lost Cuddy. I'm so tired. It's not easy to take care of sick cat.

Mikey started his sleep-all-day routine few days after Cuddy died. He refused to eat, but still drinking a bit. He body temperature risen. I could feel the heat at his paw. Time to time, I would lift him for his bed and forced him to walk. At least from kitchen to his bed. And I did force him to drink.

His condition getting worst on Wed, 2nd of April. My BF took him to clinic. The vet asked him to put Mikey under her observation. But our financial a bit tight right now. I haven't cleared my credit card bills, which I paid for Cuddy medical last month. So, he brought Mikey home with few medication and a can of a/d wet food and few syringes.

Well, the routine started again. We have to force fed him. It was not easy. But I had to focus and tried to look strong in front of Mikey. I wanted to boost, at least his spirit if not his energy. I gave him water with sugar. I really hope it would give him energy.

Saturday night was the last time I fed him. He pushed me with his tiny, little paw. Even when I tried to give him medicine. At that time, I was wondering, will this be the last one for him? I remember the same thing happened on the last day of Cuddy. And I was correct. When I woke up on Sunday morning, 6th Apr 2008, Mikey has died. He lied down in front of the door and refused to close his eyes. As if he still wanted to see me, my BF and his brother, Shin-Chan.

My BF broke down. He really cried. He couldn't bear to bury him. So, I decided to ask one of the cleaner at my apartment to help me. The cleaner, Liah also likes cats and she agreed to help me. I wrapped Mikey and said final good-bye before I put him in a box.

It has been 2 weeks, I lost Mikey. Until now, I don't know why I was sooo strong and I didn't cry much. Only when I'm writing this today, I start to break down. I missed him actually. Everbody miss him, Shin-Chan particularly. Now, his body temperature risen. He refused to eat. Sleeps all day long. He doesn't want to play anymore. But his eyes still bright. It's just that, he misses his brother, Mikey.

Rest in peace, my dear Mikey.


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