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Where shall I start? Kiter baca The Star this morning. Menyirap jugak darah baca Tg Adnan punyer statement on Terengganu MB. Haaiii.. semakin bongkak bunyinyer. Masih tak sedar-sedar lagi ke? Kenapa masih nak pertahankan Pak Lah? Kenapa mesti keluar statement, all MPs and ADUNs are appointed by Pak Lah? Sedar ke tak sedar, kalau rakyat tak vote diaorang, macam mana diaorang boleh jadi MP or ADUN?

Anyway, I don't see why should they take disciplinary action against Datuk Ahmad Said? Even if he nominated himself to be the next MB, well nak kata apa? Istana dah perkenan.

Inilah cerita lawaknya. I think Lim Kit Siang and friends berdekah-dekah gelakkan Melayu. Dulu bukan main menyalak. Non-malays tak hormat institusi raja melayu lah, hapa laa... Well, at least Lim Kit Siang, minta maaf in the end. But, now apa dah jadi. Melayu yg konon-kononnya paham benar dengan adat-istiadat, adab sopan melayu, "merderhaka" dgn Sultan. Lawak tak lawak?

Kalut sungguh kiter tengok UMNO P.Pinang. Kiter tak nak ulas lebih-lebih pasal DEB. Tapi kiter rasa geli hati tengok gelagat pemimpin UMNO P.Pinang.

Dulu, bila BN berkuasa, BN konon-kononnya haramkan demonstrasi jalanan. Depa dok kata, itu bukan cara kita. Bila ada saja orang nak demo atau buat perhimpunan secara aman, permit langsung tak dapat, pi dok kerah polis, FRU, etc, etc.

Sekarang, apa dah jadi? UMNO lak lebih-lebih tunjuk perasaan kat P.Pinang. Kiter ni bukanlah nak menyebelahi DAP, tapi kiter jadi geli hati dan malu jugak tengok perangai satu-satu lagu tu.

Memanglah bagus kalau ada niat nak menjaga hak orang Melayu ni. Masalahnya, buatlah dgn cara yang berhemah. Bukan ke dgn cara macam ni, depa lagi pakat gelak kat kita? Haiyaaa… takkan benda-benda macam tu pun nak kena ajar jugak kot?

Last night, I was scratched and bitten by a cat. I thought he was friendly, that was why I petted him. Tak sangka, dia naik geram kat tangan kiter.

I quickly went back, at least dapat cuci dgn Dettol solution pun, ok jugak. Sampai kat depan guard post my apartment, ada satu Myvii putih stopped in front of me. And he didn’t have the access card!!! Of course pak guard tak kasi lepaslah. Dah tulis terang-terang kat depan apartment, anybody without access card can’t enter that area. Kiter dah siap-siap reversed my car to given him space. Waaaahhh, dia tak nak kasi kiter jalan wooorr… Siap turun dari kereta and blocked the way wooorr… Scratch kat kiter dah makin sakit dan pedih, and a bit bengkak.

Nasib baik my BF ada. He got down, and talked to the guy. He was arguing about his rights to wait there with his car. And blocking other people??? I don’t care what happened between him and the management. For me as long as you don’t have the card, then you can’t enter the area. How about MY RIGHTS as a tenant with the access card? He expects me to wait there all night? Or do I have to sleep in my car just because he didn’t have the card and got some misunderstanding with the management? Selfish nak mampos.

My BF terpaksa begging dia to leave the area because I was in pain. And he told my BF “Only because this reason, I’m going”. Kiter dapat masuk at last, tapi kiter sampai sekarang masih tak puas hati dengan dia. Geram sangat.

At last

At last I managed to clean up and disinfect my house. I'm pretty relief at the moment. I had to throw away Ratty, even it brought lots of memories, especially Fly.

Shin-chan and Mikey are getting more and more active and also manja. They might be missing Cuddy at first, but it seems they are ok now.

I think Boy is missing Cuddy. Well, no more female cat around. So, I decided not to keep him for long hours. As long as he had his meals and sleep, I will let him out again. He will get pretty moody and grumpy when the kids keep teasing him.

I missed Akane, I missed Fly and I missed Cuddy.

RapidKL Vs Metro

A few days ago, I read something about Metrobus is going to sue RapidKL for causing their loss. Hahahahaha.. Macam-macam reasons lah diaorang kasi.

One of the reasons, tambang murah by RapidKL. Metrobus claimed the fare imposed by RapidKL was not even approved by CVLB and it was far more cheaper than the minimum fare approved by CVLB. And because of that, Metrobus losses about RM80 or RM800K per day.

“Yeah.. right!” That was my first comment on this issue. Well, I have not been using public transport lately (thanks to my cute Kancil). But even if I still rely on public transport in KL, I would always go for RapidKL.

I have never seen RapidKL using shortcuts, like using Ampang-KL elevated highway during rush hour. Well, I do agree, the highway is bloody convenient for us from Ampang to go into KL, especially during peak hours. But, again if the bus skip few stops on their way to city centre, of course you’ll not get those passengers who waiting along the way. What if I took the bus and my intention is to stop at Ampang Point, not KLCC. When and do I press the bell to stop?

Another thing, look at the bus conditions. Eeee yulk. It was stuffy, full of fumes, and don’t talk about body odor. And another turn-off factor, the driver really kurang ajar. I do believe most of the time, when you hop on to the bus, you have to stand all the way to your destination. And it’s not easy to balance yourself in Metrobus bus as compared to RapidKL bus, just because the drivers are really crazy.

Personally, I don’t really blame RapidKL for the loss. I do blame Metrobus for it. Well, RapidKL might not obey the rule on minimum fares, but that’s their problem. As comsumers, of course you always look for something cheaper and worth our money. To be honest, even if RapidKL charged higher than Metrobus, I will still wait for RapidKL. For me RapidKL is more reliable and comfortable.

That’s what I have been doing, if I ever need to take bus to go around. To RapidKL, keep up the good work, and to Metrobus, buck up your service and bus conditions. Don’t blame others.

Just sharing

I did mention in my previous entry that I went for surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. So, I think I want to share my experience here. I would not say, it was a bad one, but at the same time it was not that good also.

My gum was swelling. I had it for about a week. On 6th Feb, CNY eve, my office closed at 1300hrs. So, my BF forced me to go and see doc at HKL. At first he wanted to send me to Government Dentist, but I have to come in the morning just to get a number. Unfortunately, I wasn’t free and I couldn’t get any leave since I’m the only Malay at counter.

So, I went to Out Patient Clinic. I was quite lucky. Not much people around in the afternoon. Not even 1 hour later, I managed to see the doc. Young doc, and she looked so like terpaksa bekerja. Sikit lebih kurang saje dia cek kiter. For my gum, she asked me to go to any dentist. Well, that was fine for me, but apparently it was not fine with my ‘Finance Minister’ a.k.a BF. He told me, we can’t afford to go to any private dentist at the moment, so he insisted to get a referral letter for Jabatan Bedah Mulut.

I managed to get the referral letter, and I managed to see the dentist. Sorry, his name is too long, but the staffs refer him as Dr. Rully. He’s quite a nice guy. Oh, before that, the girl at the counter, she was sooooo polite. When the doc was checking on my swollen gum (right lower side), he told me my wisdom teeth were not in good condition. Kalau boleh, buang dua-dua. But again, according to him, it’s up to me.

He scheduled me for the following week. Unfortunately, I can’t take any leave during those period. It was CNY maaa!!! Lucy pulak dah ambik from 31st Jan till 15th Feb. I asked to be after the 18th. Well, he’s ok with that, but I need to get my mouth to be x-rayed before the surgery and called them to set appointment for the surgery. According to Dr. Rully, they will give me 3-4 days of MC.

I did call them and my surgery date was set on the 25th Feb at 0800 hrs. Errrrkkk… I need to get up really early that day.

My BF planned to go back to his hometown on the same day after the surgery. He said, at least somebody (which is his mom), could cook for me. He didn’t know what to cook for me during my MC. Dalam hati kiter, yelah tu. Sebenarnya, bila kiter sakit, takde orang nak masakkan dia. Hahaha..

The night before the surgery, I was packing for Johor trip. Not only for myself, but for my BF and cats. I won’t be leaving my cats behind, hellooo… :P And I loaded everything except my cats into the car.

I was a bit late. I arrived HKL about 10 minutes late. The girl at the counter ask me to come again after 0830, which I did. But I have to wait till almost 1100 hrs, when a small, cute, young, female doctor called my name. I passed her my x-ray and asked me to wait again.

I waited another 10 minutes. Then, it was my turn. The small, cute, young female doctor, was Dr. Wan Salbiah. I believe she was trainee there. She was the only doctor wearing UKM coat. She took over my case from Dr. Rully because he was attending to one emergency case at the moment.

What can I say about the whole procedure? It was painless, since dah kena inject awal-awal, and my lips, my tongue and my gum are all numbed. But like Dr. Salbiah said, I could still feel the pressure. Dr. Salbiah was very friendly and understanding. I kinda like her, actually. Hilang sekejap rasa sakit kepala. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I had a headache while waiting for my turn. Tak cukup tidur punya pasal.

I decided to remove my lower right wisdom tooth. But Dr. Salbiah suggested, if I were to remove that, it’s good if I remove upper wisdom tooth also. So, I took her advise. She took about 5 minutes to explain on the procedure. For lower part, she got to cut a bit of my gum. Later, she’ll do some sort of gutter around the tooth. Once it’s done, she cut the tooth into two, and start removing one by one. Upper tooth, it was very simple one. Just need to pull it without cutting my gum. :D

Later in the evening, ubat dah habis, kepala masih sakit, gusi baru terasa sakit. Menangis beb tahan sakit. But at night, lepas dinner kat Johor, telan painkiller. Barulah dapat tidur.

Well, sakit memang sakit. Tapi tak teruk sangatlah, since the painkiller prescribed by the doctor, boleh tahan kuat jugaklah. But, I’m quite happy with all the staff at Jabatan Bedah Mulut HKL. Dr. Salbiah, eventhough trainee, she’s quite good. I hope she’ll remain or going to be better than she is now. They are polite and friendly people.

p/s: kiter dapat 4 hari MC. :D

Aaaarrrggghhh… Another tiring week. Cuddy has gone. Well, yeah, since she’s gone I don’t have to force feed her and give her medication anymore. I would say, it was tiring, but I would do anything for my sweet girl.

And she’s gone. Still, I have 2 kittens at home, Shin-chan and Mikey. Before anything, I need to clean up my house. I have to disinfect my house. That’s quite a challenge for me, coz this is still not weekends yet. *sigh*

Next thing, I have to send the kittens for vaccination. Again, I have to find time (and money) to send them to Dr. Jonathan.

I’m exhausted. I wish I could just drive somewhere with my BF right now. Just imagine, from 23rd FEB till now, ada je hal. Dengan tak cukup tidurnya on that day. Terpaksa berkemas barang-barang untuk balik Pontian. On 25thFEB, I went for small surgery to remove my wisdom tooth at HKL. Lepas surgery, terus balik Pontian, since my BF tak tau nak masak apa untuk kiter, dia suruh mak dia jaga kiter.

The whole week di Pontian. Balik dari Pontian, Cuddy pulak sakit. Then she was hospitalize for 5 days. Bila balik rumah, kena jaga dia, sampailah semalam. Last Saturday lak, flight delayed. Trauma surgery belum reda, dah kena face Cuddy. Cuddy tak settle, office plak banyak kerja. Tension giler, especially last week. Sampai tak lalu makan dibuatnya.

Today, is a new day. BF kiter dah selamat kebumikan Cuddy. I don’t know what to do next. Life goes on and I still have to take care of the two ‘monkeys’ – Shin-chan and Mikey, and also Boy.

Goodbye my girl. Rest in peace.

What a coincidence. I brought Fly in on 12DEC04, he died on 11MAR06. On 12DEC05, I found Cuddy, Fly’s mother and brought her in. And she died on 12MAR07.

I love her very much of course. Not even a single scratch on my body. She was a veeeryyy good girl. Even my BF’s father likes her so much. Cuddy tak banyak kerenah. Cuma sekali-sekala a bit demanding especially on food. She almost tak pernah kena marah. Very good girl.

I’m going to miss her. I will miss her.


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