Last night before I went to sleep, I flipped and flipped Astroview (February 2008 edition) which I just received recently. I couldn’t really sleep even though I was soooo damn sleepy when I was surfing with my BF at Orange Cyber Café.

While flipping through the contents, something caught me eye.

Cooking up a storm
Move over Jamie Oliver! Here comes our own celebrity chef – Chef Wan with a finger-licking recipe that’s sure to temp.”

I went “Errrrrkkkk!!” and “Eeeee yulk!” and I was really insulted. Well, I’m not a celebrity chef myself and I have nothing to do with Jamie Oliver neither. But, when I saw this short article, the first thing and only thing I want to ask from the writer (which I don’t know his/her name, since no writer’s name there) – “Have you ever tasted or tried Chef Wan’s cooking before?”

I assumed he/she has never ever tried. Not even once. Well, here, let me tell you. It really SUCKS! Actually, more than SUCKS! It’s not that I want to boost myself, but I would consider myself as a good cook. But I haven’t attended any formal class or whatsoever. I learn from my mom, my BF’s mom, my sister and books.

Speaking of books, recipe books in particular. Oh my God, I can’t even look Chef Wan face right now. Ok.. sorry for the interruption. I once bought one of his so many recipe books and it costs me almost RM70! By just browsing the contents of the book, it looks and sounds yummy. I came home and tried few recipes. Guess what? I tried 3 of them and all of them turned out YULK! Even my cat didn’t eat the leftover. One of the recipes I tried was Green Curry Chicken, and guess again. I found another Green Curry Chicken recipe from RM5-recipe-book and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo nice. I decided to throw Chef Wan book and I did. That was my first time and only time I throw away a book.

You might be asking me, how about Jamie? Have I tried his recipes? Well, of course I have and it was very nice. So, how can you compare Chef Wan to the one and only Jamie Oliver. But luckily, the writer didn’t compare him to Floyd! Of course I want Malaysians to be on top, but Chef Wan?? No way. I remember one night, I watched Bobby Chin on Astro. That was obviously his show, but when he invited Chef Wan to his show, it seems like he was stealing the show. I could see Bobby got so annoyed with him. I was so embarrassed. I should feel proud because our own chef showing off our local cuisine to the world. But I was sooo embarrassed instead.

Hmmm.. I can go on and on and on, bebel about Chef Wan.