Lately I have no time to update my blog. Until I forgot about my new cats.

I found her few months back at McDonald's Kota Kemuning. I followed my BF to meet his client. I thought she was someone's cat. She couldn't be a stray. That's what I thought that time. For me she's too beautiful to be a stray. I almost took her the first time I saw her. But I wouldn't risk her life. I just lost Shin-chan that time.

The second time I saw her, I realised she was nursing, but I have no idea where she put the kittens. So again, I decided not to take her home. The next time I saw her, my BF show me the place she hides the kittens. She got 3 kittens. All so cute but none was having her color.

On the 28th July, I went to Kota Kemuning again. The 2 kittens missing! So left only one. So kesian looking at her. She was so skinny. My BF told there was one couple who will come to feed her daily. They gave her Royal Canine, but she was still skinny. We talked to the McDonald's staff, they claimed that they were taking care of the cat and kittens.

I asked my BF to called the couple who had been feeding them. The guy's name is Azlan. Azlan told my BF that the McDonald's management actually was trying to get rid of them. I don't blaim them, because not everybody loves cats like us. So, he said he appreciates if we could take them home. The rest, history.

It was such a long journey for both of them. The mother was so stressed. Lucky, I always carry a carrier in the car. The kitten was just keep quiet. I think he was ok as long as the mother is with him. He might be around 2 months old, but he walked just like a little baby. I don't know, may be he can't move much due to small space.

My plan was, keep them for a few days while looking for new house for them. I wanted to put their pictures in May be someone might be interested to adopt them. From day 1 until now, when I asked my BF to take their pic, he said "Nantilah". And now, he's a bit reluctant to let them go. He likes them and I think he enjoys having the kitten around.

Ayumi, the mother is getting fat. Kuriyu, the kitten very active. I can say he doesn't know how to walk. He only knows how to run. For the first fews days, he kept bumped into things. Now, he really, really good at running without bumping into chairs or anything.

p/s : I haven't introduced them to Boy yet. If Boy's around, I will put them at the back of my kitchen. I will only let them out, if Boy has slept in my room or not in the house. Otherwise, papa Boy will become grumpy again. :)

p/s/s : I will post their picture once I have them.