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Jamie Oliver might laugh at me. But hey! Who cares?? At least I've tried and it was quite tasty. Anyway, thanks to Jamie for the great recipe. It's not that complicated anyway, but you must have pasta maker like this one.

I bought this machine for RM50, and it's quite good.

This is the result and taste really good. And FYI, I made the sauce myself, not out of bottle yaa.. hehehe..

Pars Hotel, this is where I stayed for almost 1 week. Not so bad, but location wise.. naaahh.. very bad, especially for tourists. Even lots of Bahrainis didn't know the location. One more thing, the breakfast also quite bad.

This is my room at Pars Hotel, Juffair

Gulf Air main office, Al Muharraq, Bahrain

My classmates with our instructors, Suresh and Jossy.

I was supposed to fly back to KUL on Thursday night, and initially my flight was via Bangkok. A few days before my flight day, Florence messaged me, Suvarnabhumi Airport closed. Oh my God! I quickly changed my flight to Friday night directly to KL. Suresh helped me to get 1 more night at Pars Hotel. Basically on Friday morning I have nothing to do, so I just walked around my hotel area.

This is the biggest mosque in Bahrain. Just 10 mins away from my hotel.

Just outside my hotel.

I was so excited. I though I could finally go back home. I reached airport almost 3 hrs before departure, but I was denied boarding! Luckily I found another 3 gentlemen, heading to KL. One of the was our Cargo Manager, Mr Andy. And I was also lucky because they give us hotel to stay for another night plus boarding pass for the next flight. I stayed in Crowne Plaza, Manama. It's much much better than Pars Hotel.

Crowne Plaza, Bahrain

At the Lobby

The room

This is Man Kin, Johorean but working for GF Cargo in Singapore

KL, GF Cargo Manager, Mr Andy

Pak Asbani from Jakarta

Again, I have another 1 day free. Nothing to do. Since, Crowne Plaza is in city center, I decided to walk around after breakfast. I didn't mind walking, because the weather was quite soothing, starting to get colder and I feel safer there as compared to KL. I walked slowly until I reached Bab Al Bahrain. It was quite a dicstance actually, but at least I was quite familiar with the area.

Diplomatic Area, this is where Crowne Plaza located.

Golden Tulip Hotel. I stayed there for my 1st and 2nd course in Bahrain. I prefer here than Pars.

Bahrain World Trade Centre

Airline offices in Manama

Gulf Air

Qatar Airways

Kuwait Airways

Manama Souq, Saturday morning

Bab Al Bahrain

Water fountain in front of Bah Al Bahrain

Welcome home Boy

I have not seen Boy lately. I'm quite worried about him. He might be sick of starving or even die out there.

This morning, when I was about to go to work, I heard a voice. I'm sure it's not Ayumi, not even Kuriyu. I was wondering who was that. When I opened the door, there was my Boy. I was so relief. He's a bit skinny and comot. He must be very, very hungry. He didn't bother to greet me, just enter the house straight to his bowl.

I'm happy seeing him still OK. Boy.. boy.. And I can't believe he still remember my house! :)

My family

Family Kak Imang (the biggest, so far)

Family Abang Intan

Family Kak Yang

Me and Adut with mom.

My big family

Well, this is my big family, without family Abang Ali and Abang Ndol. Otherwise, lebih besar. Looking at my grown up nieces and nephews really make me feel old :(. If, (and only IF), my eldest niece, Fateha gets married and has children, I will become a young GRANDMOTHER.. Oh nooo!!!

My new cats

Lately I have no time to update my blog. Until I forgot about my new cats.

I found her few months back at McDonald's Kota Kemuning. I followed my BF to meet his client. I thought she was someone's cat. She couldn't be a stray. That's what I thought that time. For me she's too beautiful to be a stray. I almost took her the first time I saw her. But I wouldn't risk her life. I just lost Shin-chan that time.

The second time I saw her, I realised she was nursing, but I have no idea where she put the kittens. So again, I decided not to take her home. The next time I saw her, my BF show me the place she hides the kittens. She got 3 kittens. All so cute but none was having her color.

On the 28th July, I went to Kota Kemuning again. The 2 kittens missing! So left only one. So kesian looking at her. She was so skinny. My BF told there was one couple who will come to feed her daily. They gave her Royal Canine, but she was still skinny. We talked to the McDonald's staff, they claimed that they were taking care of the cat and kittens.

I asked my BF to called the couple who had been feeding them. The guy's name is Azlan. Azlan told my BF that the McDonald's management actually was trying to get rid of them. I don't blaim them, because not everybody loves cats like us. So, he said he appreciates if we could take them home. The rest, history.

It was such a long journey for both of them. The mother was so stressed. Lucky, I always carry a carrier in the car. The kitten was just keep quiet. I think he was ok as long as the mother is with him. He might be around 2 months old, but he walked just like a little baby. I don't know, may be he can't move much due to small space.

My plan was, keep them for a few days while looking for new house for them. I wanted to put their pictures in May be someone might be interested to adopt them. From day 1 until now, when I asked my BF to take their pic, he said "Nantilah". And now, he's a bit reluctant to let them go. He likes them and I think he enjoys having the kitten around.

Ayumi, the mother is getting fat. Kuriyu, the kitten very active. I can say he doesn't know how to walk. He only knows how to run. For the first fews days, he kept bumped into things. Now, he really, really good at running without bumping into chairs or anything.

p/s : I haven't introduced them to Boy yet. If Boy's around, I will put them at the back of my kitchen. I will only let them out, if Boy has slept in my room or not in the house. Otherwise, papa Boy will become grumpy again. :)

p/s/s : I will post their picture once I have them.

Budak tong sampah

I joined cat forum online. This is where all cat lovers hanging around and getting to know each others while showing off their cats.

Some of the members rescued stray cats. They brought these pour little kitties back home and give shelter and in fact good food. Most of the cats turn out to be very healthy and pretty. I'm so proud of these members.

But there was a fellow, calling these unfortunate cats as "budak tong sampah/longkang". I don't see why. For me those cats are angels.

His statement was very contradict. He, himself picked up few "budak tong sampah/longkang" and according to him, he loves them dearly and so proud of them. But he still called them "budak tong sampah/longkang"? It's fine if you can accept it, but not all of us can accept that. I don't even care if he called his cats "budak tong sampah/longkang", but when he called one of the member's cats like that, I was sooo angry. And it's not right to call other person's cat as "budak tong sampah/longkang".

I wonder if his cats can understand this. Kecil hati, may be?

I received 2 forwarded emails from my office colleague. Again about fuel price increased.

The first one,

THIS IS NOT THE 'DON'T BUY' PETROL FOR ONE DAY, BUT IT WILL SHOW YOU HOW WE CAN GET PETROL BACK DOWN TO $1.00 PER Litre.... This was originally sent by Phillip Hollsworth, a retired Coca Cola executive. If you are tired of the gas prices going up AND they will
continue to rise this winter, take time to read this, PLEASE. This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the 'don't buy petrol on a certain day' campaign that was going around last April or May! It is worth your consideration. Join the resistance!!!! We are going to hit $ 3.00 a liter and it might go higher!! Want petrol prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. The oil
companies just laughed at last year's action because they knew we would not continue to 'hurt' ourselves by refusing to buy petrol. It was more of an inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them. BUT whoever thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can really work. Please read on and join with us! Here's the idea: For the rest of this year, DON'T purchase ANY petrol from PETRONAS
the biggest price-up driver company. If they are not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of petrol buyers. It's SO simple! I am sending this note to 20 people. If each of you sends it on to at least twenty more that's (20 x 20 = 400) .. And those 400 send it to at least twenty more (400 x 20 = 8000 ... and so on, by the time the message reaches the fifth group of people, we will have reached over SIXTY FOUR MILLION consumers!!!!! 20x20 = 400 400x20 = 8,000 8,000x20 = 160,000 160,000x20 = 3,200,000 3,200,000x20 = 64,000,000 64,000,000x20 = 12,800,000,000 That's 12.80 Billion people folks, who will have been
contacted!!!!! Unbelievable?? Do the math and see for yourself!

Of course, not all 12.80 billion pump PETRONAS, but with the hard work and network distributions, others users will get this news and distribute it to the whole Malaysia
Again, all you have to do is send this to 20 people. That's all! I'll bet you didn't think we had that much potential, did you! Acting together we can make a difference.. If this message makes sense to you, then please pass it on. THEY will LOWER THEIR PRICES TO BELOW THE $1.50 RANGE AND
KEEP THEM DOWN. THIS CAN REALLY WORK. It's simple - send the message along to others and choose to not buy petrol from PETRONAS TWENTY FIVE POINT SIX BILLION people: Now THAT's people power. LET'S JUST DO IT ! ! ! – stop pump at PETRONAS

The second one,

Tapi member aku adik dia keje petronas mmg bonus lebih 6 bulan beb..
tak penah kureng tu.......

Kena tipu wehh....

Wahai warga Malaysia sekelian.... .hebahkanlah cerita benar ini kpd
rakan2 anda sekelian mengapa perlu boikot minyak petronas.... .

Sebenarnya semua warga malaysia kena tipu dengan dasar kenaikan harga
minyak ni..baru2 ni kenaikan harga minyak sebanyak RM0.78.Tinggi
tuuuuu.Mengapa kita perlu menaikkan harga minyak setinggi tuuuuuuu....
Haaaaaa ini lah yang warga malaysia tak tahu.... Sebenarnya kita ni
duduk je Malaysia ...tapi minyak yang kita cari gali kat trengganu dan
Srawak tu, kita tak penah pakai pun...Minyak yang kita gali tu ialah
minyak Gred A...Diulangi Minyak Gred A.......semua minyak tersebut
dijual keseluruhannya keluar negara...jadi petronas telah beli pulak
minyak gred C...Diulang Gred C.....untuk digunakan dimalaysia dan
diletak logo Petronas.... dalam kajian oleh syarikat2 kereta yg bukan
keta nasional, bahawa minyak petronas ini adalah minyak paling kotor
sekali...maklumlah minyak gred C.

Minyak yang paling bersih adalah minyak Caltex @ Mobil/Esso @ Shell.
Mengapa minyak tersebut lebih bersih??? Sebab minyak tersebut adalah
dari gred B...Inilah yg rakyat malaysia tak tahu...kenaikan harga minyak
disebabkan kenaikan harga minyak dunia yang dikawal oleh US yg mana
setong hampir mencecah usd130.00..Semua orng tertanya-tanya mengapa kita
negara peneluar minyak kena mengikut harga minyak dunia kan . Itu lah
antara sebab2 nye...

Untuk pengetahuan anda semua...semasa kenaikan harga minyak dari RM 1.62
kepada RM1.92 anda pasti pernah menerima E-mail yang mengatakan "isilah
minyak petronas ramai-ramai. Jika semua rakyat malaysia isi minyak
petronas, harga minyak tidak akan naik"...Semua e-mail tersebut adalah
mengarut.Anda semua kena tipu.....Minyak tetap naik jugak
kan....Sebenarnya yang untung paling besar adalah sebahagian orang2
besar kat atas tu dan org2 yang bekerja dengan petronas...sebab bila
reramai isi minyak petronas, makin besar lah untung petronas...bila
makin besar untung...makin besar lah bonus yang orang2 petronas
dapat...Tahun lepas sahaja bonus org2 petronas dapat antara 6-13 bulan
bergantung pada perkhidmatan. ..Tapi yang petronas istihar ialah 2 bulan
bonus sahaja...Bonus yang selebihnya diletakkan atas nama saguhati....

Dasyat betul diorg menipu rakyat.mengambil untung dari hasil perut bumi
yang ALLAH bagi tanpa mengagaihkan sama rata kepada rakyat....Cerita ini
bukan rekaan tetapi cerita ini aku perolehi sendiri dari abg ipar aku yg
bekerja di KLCC. Dia yg menguruskan sendiri Jualan minyak Gred A kita
keluar dan membeli Minyak Gred C untuk di pakai di malaysia ...masa aku
dengar dia bercerita menyirap jugak darah aku bila dia cakap "bonus aku
tahun ni 9 bulan (masa tu tahun 2007)"dah la gaji dia rm 6+++...Siapa
yang keja kerajaan tahun 2007 mana ada bonus....

Pasal Peraduan Car Craze......yang menang tu semua org yg senang2 dan
ada contribute dgn petronas...apa salahnya kalau petronas kurangkan
harga minyak RM 0.20 keee tapi takde pertandingan Car Craze...
Semua rakyat dapat tidak...dahla jual minyak gred C....
Pas tu nak tarik ramai orang isi minyak petronas dengan peraduan mcm tu...
aku bukan nak kondem petronas tetapi aku rasa terkilan ditipu buta2
dengan cara demikian.

Selama ni aku isi minyak petronas nak support produk malaysia ...tetapi
setelah aku tahu aku terus betukar ke minyak Caltex @ Mobil/Esso dan
skang ni sudah 7 bulan aku tak isi minyak petronas. dan aku dpat rasakan
tersebut lagi menjimatkan. .Terpulang pada anda untuk mengisi minyak yg
anda suka kerana duit tersebut adalah duit anda...

I have no intention to back Petronas. Well I don't know. Like for the 1st email, I don't see why we should not buy from Petronas? Why do I say this? It's simple, are the other oil companies, like Esso, Mobil, BHP, or even Shell, selling lower than RM2.70? If they are selling, even 1 cent cheaper than Petronas, I'm more than willing to buy from them. But they selling the same damn price! Is our fuel price controlled solely by Petronas?

Second email, I know about this. The oil that we produce is meant for export, not for domestic usage. I know this is one of the reasons Petronas making lots of money. Another statement from the email, "Minyak yang paling bersih adalah minyak Caltex @ Mobil/Esso @ Shell." Shell? You really mean Shell? May be their V Power is Grade B. But did anyone notice/know, Petronas and Shell are actually drawing the petrol from the same silo? If you don't believe me, take a slow ride to Cyberjaya area. You will see.

So I don't really see "boycott Petronas = reduce oil price tremendously". Well I don't know.


I don't really know about this fact. Kelly told me. One of her friends is vegetarian. I know the fact that some vegetarians do not take eggs. But I'm afraid I'm not aware of this "additional" fact.

According to Kelly, (of course according to her friend), they can eat eggs but you can't eat telur kampung. I asked her, is there any difference between telur kampung and the one we buy from supermarket? Surprisingly, the answer (according to her friend) was YES.

Eggs you bought from supermarket, will not turn into chicken, where else telur kampung will become a chicken. Vegetarians can't kill animal. Since telur kampung will become a chicken, by eating them, meaning you're killing the chicken! That's how she justify about the egg thing.

But isn't it the same? I mean, egg is still an egg? If the temperature and condition permit, they will become a chicken? Can anyone verify this fact?


I don't remember when was it. But I do remember I was driving alone, somewhere in Bandar Baru Ampang. I turned on the radio and tuned into Sinar f.m. The DJ was giving out some riddles, I guess. I don't remember what was the question.

The was a caller, it was a guy. The conversation went something like this.

Caller : Saya rasa jawapan dia buldazo.
DJ : Apa dia?
Caller : Buldazo
DJ : Apa dia tu?
Caller : Buldazo lah. Buldazo? Awak tak tau ke buldazo?
DJ : Buldazo tu apa?
Caller : Buldazo.. tu yg besar, besar tu
DJ : ......................................
DJ : Kih kih kih kih... hahahahaa.. kah kah kah kah... Bang, itu bukan
buldazo, itu BULL DO ZER! Takpelah ye. Semua orang pun ada buat
silap. Yang penting nak belajar. Cuba sebut sekali lagi.. BULL DO ZER!

After that I didn't hear anything from the guy. I think he was annoyed with the DJ, not because she laughed like mad, but she didn't know what BULDAZO is. So, the producer decidec to cut off the line. May be.

p/s : Sorry, I was laughing like mad also. Hahahahaha.. what a joke

I have been wanting to update my blog for such a long time. But time doesn't permit. Well, I hope I still remember what I want to write, right now.

Two weeks ago, was my Saturday off. So, whatever pending jobs, I have to settled on Friday, including closing Daily Sales. Florence was on leave that day. Basically, we were short-handed. I have at least 3 groups to issue, but I didn't have time to do so. Phone calls and walk-in passengers kept coming in. So, I asked my BF to come and buy food from pasar malam. And I stayed until 11 p.m that night. Well, that was the first anyway.

Usually, during my Saturday off, I will go to Pasar Borong Selangor at Sri Kembangan. I did some shopping. I bought fish also for Boy. Penat the night before tak habis lagi actually. I decided to try out Laksa Johor. That was the first time I made after I learn the recipe from my BF's mother. Since I don't think I can't cook just enough for both of us, we offer some to his brother, sister-in-law and sister. Thank God, we did offer to them. Otherwise, I don't think we can finish it. Well, the response, I would say, not a bad start for first timer like me.

29th April, was my favorite niece (Eilisa Shafina) 8th birthday. But I was totally forgot about that. Only the next morning I realized it. So I text my sister, I need to speak to my niece so tell me if she's already woke up. Few minutes later, she text me back and asked me to call her mobile. I apologized to her for not wishing her happy birthday earlier. I forgot about it. But she just replied "Tak apa" so sweetly. I missed that girl. I did promise her to buy birthday present.

2nd May, new staff, Kelly came in. Since, the PC is not ready and Lucy was on leave, I asked Kelly to seat at my place and I used Lucy's set. Oh my God. I wonder how can Lucy survive at her place. The area was small and the desk also quite small. I prefer my table.

Yesterday, I finished work at 2130! It was so tiring. But I couldn't sleep well, which cause migraine. I still go to work this morning, because I need to close yesterday's sales and I still have 1 group to be issued. But at last I ask permission from Lucy to leave office at 1300hrs. I went and see my doctor, Dr. Nazariha. She gave me 1 type of pill, which I don't remember the name, and asked me to sleep.

The pill does relief the pain, but not much. I had to take 2 tablets of Panadol, and I feel much, much better now.

Oh, before I forgot, Lucy will send me to Bahrain to attend some briefing on Hotel Booking System. She suppose to go, but she has her own reason not to go and send me instead. Which means, I have to renew my passport.

Last cat

I lost my last cat, Shin-Chan. He died this morning around 10 morning. And I thought I could still see him after office. Since my BF kept telling me he was still alive.

Not to blame him caused when Dr. Jonathan called him this morning, he didn't really say that Shin-Chan has gone. He kept talking about the blood count. But when I went there just now, Dr. Jonathan said, Shin-Chan died right before he called my BF.

I don't know how shall I feel. Sad? Of course I'm sad but I couldn't cry. Relief? A bit, caused he didn't suffer anymore. But I do feel empty. For the first time ever, I can just leave all doors in my house open. I do feel empty. No one's waiting for me when I'm home. No meow, no nothing.

I missed all of them. Akane, Fly, Cuddy, Mikey and of course Shin-Chan.

Last night, I decided to send Shin-Chan to Dr. Jonathan. He refused to eat and stop drinking. I was quite worried cause he started showing symptoms like Mikey. I can force feed him but I had enough. It was not an easy task. That's why I decided to take him to Dr. Jonathan, at least for 1 night.

His temperature was like more than 40 degrees Celcius, which is considered boiling hot, according to Dr. Jonathan. And he said, they have to start put him on IV drip. I couldn't bear to see Shin-Chan's leg being shaved and injected. He's still young. Just about 4 months old. I haven't had any chance to vaccinate him. Poor thing.

Dr. Jonathan suggested to do blood transfusion. It would be very painful for the kitten, even for an adult cat. But, I don't know. Since I was a bit hesitated, he suggested to go for blood test first. See what's going on inside his body. Could be FLP, could be Leukemia. Tawakkal alaAllah.

I'll see him today after work. I hope there's some improvement.

Berebut makanan.

With their step-mother, late Cuddy

This is Mikey

Tengah tidur kat rumah Pontian

Mikey tengah berguru dengan papa Boy


Sayang each other

Mikey : Shin-chan, can you please look at the camera?
Shin-Chan : Eh! Apa kat lantai tu?

Baby Mikey

Baby Mikey

Mikey sayang Shin-Chan


Baby Shin-Chan


You're no