I am super duper malas nak update actually. Oh well, I have been very busy especially during school holidays. It's getting quiet now, since school is about to reopen.

There were lots of things happened for the past few months. Should I list them down? Oh well, here we go..

1- I'm pregnant. My hubby was not ready for a baby, but I insisted to have at least ONE. But I think he's quite excited about it. Due date? On Kak Yang's birthday, 21st June, 2010.

2- My hubby got 2 months contract for MMU, and later extended for another 10 months. Yeay! Rezeki baby, perhaps! ;)

3- I went for an interview, it was unsuccessful. I have no idea what was the reason, may be because I have never trained people before or may be because I'm pregnant or may be I'm not "hot" enough. Hahaha.. anyway thanks Hazim for reminding me that "hot" part.

4- I'm currently looking for a new house.

5- Tompok is getting manja with me. He was a bit marah when my hubby pick him up, but when I was alone, whenever I saw him and called him, he will come to my direction and start terguling-guling. He reminds me of Boy a lot. Oh God, how I miss that Boy.

6- We just bought food processor, wet/dry vacuum and jetwash. Between these three items, I love food processor the most.

7- I have not been cooking for like 2 months! I missed cooking actually and getting tired of eating outside. I'm wondering how people can stand that for their whole life? And my hubby, so pitty.. but the good part is, he's loosing weight. :D

8- I went for my first ante-natal check-up. The baby exactly 3 months on that day. After check-up, I brought Mak to pasar borong Selangor, just to treated her. We were there at 1.30 p.m. Luckily there were still few stall still operating, and we were lucky. The fish are not bad. She end up borong few types of fish and she bought me crabs! She even cooked it for me. Well, may be because I brought her there and that was her way to thank me. Anyway, thanks Mak for the crab and ikan terubuk. And before we left she whispered to me "Ina, nanti kita datang lagi sini ek?" Well, insya-Allah, I will bring her again after my 2nd check-up session.

9- We were running out of Blackwood! Gara-gara terlepas deadline untuk order and waiting for my hubby's pay cheque. Lucky enough Nurul still had 2kgs extra, so I quickly went to her place to get it. Itupun now totally finish. Now my babies are on Friskies diet. Which I hate it. Their poo will be very smelly and Kuriyu-kun esp also doesn't like it much. He's a bit monyok lately. Pity him. Don't worry, I will get our stock from auntie Nurul this Saturday.

10- I have not bought any maternity dress yet. I have not even sent materials to my tailor for my uniform. And my uniform now, is getting tighter. :D