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I miss gym

I didn't really know what to eat just now, I mean for lunch. I decided to check out Pavilion. I know the price there is damn expensive, but I don't feel like going to Pak Cik or ikan bakar today. NZ, I have banned them for cheating me.

I ended up buying mee jawa for RM8.50. Yes, a bowl of mee jawa cost me RM8.50. Tapi oklah, not bad.
On the way back to the office, I passed by True Fitness, and I saw this machine..

Aaarrrgghh.. how I miss gym. I love this stretching machine most. Really helps for backache actually. I really wish I could go back to gym ASAP. :D

Semalam genap setahun budak 2 ekor ni menetap kat rumah ni. Alhamdulillah. I'm so thankful for both of them. Diaorang ni macam anak. Just imagine, kalau tengah tension kat office, bila balik rumah, sejuk hati tengok budak2 ni, esp si Kuriyu.

I'm so thankful sebab bawa diaorang balik. They are not Fly or Cuddy, but they are special in their own way.

Kuriyu Kohei and Ayumi Yamada, thanks for everything and I hope you like staying with me.

This time, bengang kat driver yang perasan dia bawak kereta super mahal.

Kiter hampir-hampir berlanggar dengan dia. Geram sgt. Kiter elok-elok kat lane kiter, dia dengan takde signalnya tiba-tiba terus masuk depan kiter. Padahal jarak kiter dgn kereta depan, taklah besar mana. Masih nak menyelit. Idiot. Nasib baik tak bercium, tapi kalau bercium pun apa kiter kisah, police traffic ada kat depan tu ha.

Sebelum kiter lupa, the guy bawak Toyota Vios je.. NCB282. Kalau ikutkan hati nak je buat aduan JPJ online tu sebab dia memandu dgn bahaya. Tapi no use, bukan kena apa2 pun tu. So forget about it.

Just because I'm driving a Kancil, and I'm a lady dan pakai tudung, dia ingat dia boleh buli kiter? Hmmm.. silap laa kan.. Bila laa kiter nak dapat my dream car ni.. Memang akan ku besit satu-satu hantu jalan yg perasan bawak kereta powerful sgt tu. Hihihihi

I don't care, even if the food is good. I just don't get it. All this while, if I were to eat there, they will take my order immediately. But this time around, no one bothers. There were two or three staffs there, "busy" doing something else, but didn't bother to take out order.

Luckily I've got my food from a smaller stall there. But I still need drink. To make thing worst, one of them, keep coming to my sitting area, she even cleaned up the table behind me and came back again, and still nothing.

When I almost finished, suddenly the same staff asked me "Akak nak minum apa kak?". I was sooooooo pissed off. I just yelled at her. I told her "TAK PAYAH. DAH NAK TERCEKIK BARU NAK TANYA. BUAT APA? INGAT KITAORANG KAT SINI BATU KE HAPE? TAKKAN NAK KENA TUNJUK DOMPET TEBAL KE TAK BARU NAK AMBIK ORDER? INGAT KITAORANG NI MINTAK SEDEKAH KE?"

So, I'm going to ban this stall. Which stall? It's near to SPCA Ampang. Right in front of Restoran Murni. It's the first stall as you come in to that area. They're selling nasi campur. I will not go there. Forever and ever. I will sit somewhere else if I were to have Kak Chun's satay.

I think this is the second stall I ban for the same reason. The first one was at Taman Melawati.

Cute tak budak-budak tu? Mak sudah jatuh cinta. Lagi-lagi pada yang bertopeng. Rupa macam Fly dan Zorro. Zorro was her last cat. Cukup manja.
Semalam ke Banting, cari barang dapur, Mak beli makanan kucing. Kiter suruh dia ambil Smartheart dulu, nanti bila kiter balik Banting, kiter bawakan Blackwood. Kalau Mak dah sanggup nak beli makanan kucing, maksudnya Mak dah betul-betul jatuh cinta. Hehehe..
Sayang, semua takut dengan orang. Kalau tak, kiter mesti dah main dengan budak-budak tu. Mak suruh tunjukkan gambar ni pada Hefni. Dia kata "Ni tunjuk kat Hefni, mesti dia geram".

Hmm.. rupa-rupanya Mak Ina a bit ketinggalan zaman. Anyway, congratulations to Babang. Babang or Azim, has finally registered at UniKL MIAT. Course apa? Kena tanya empunya badan. Hehehe.. Hampeh betul Mak Ina ni ye..

Anyway, do your best and we're proud of you.

Me, tired and the whole body aching. Too bad I had to wear that high heel for Ifa's wedding. It was not that bad at first, but because of the rain, it got so slippery and it did make my feet aching like hell.

And after the wedding, I had migraine. Aaarrggghhh!!! I hate this.

The best part is, my husband treated me to Tarbush. Hehehe.. I wish I could have mixed grill, but too much lamb, so he ordered shish kebab for me. Yummy... Thanks so much Yang.
I had this shish kebab with garlic sauce. Yum, yum
And my husband had this lamb briyani.
p/s: I was a bit annoyed with the waiter. He asked us "Eh ambil gambar macam nak buka another Tarbush je". My God! Macam manalah kiter nak dapat same taste just by taking pictures??? Idiot.

I went to this restaurant again. My husband was craving for their Chicken BBQ Pau, and since I was not hungry, so we went straight to Melawati after work.

This time I had Claypot Yee Mee and my husband tried their Claypot Chicken Rice. The claypot yee mee is the best so far. I really love it. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera this time.

Anyway, Mohd Chan Abdullah Muslim Restaurant operates everyday from 11.30 a.m until 10.30p.m. They close on second and forth Friday. They located at Jalan Negara, Taman Melawati, next to A-Cut hair salon.

Kenapa? Sebab we have our own taiko. Kih kih kih... Jangan mare ye Abang Intan....

Ada sikit typo, nama Bapak jadi SAFARI.

First time organized! Congrats and thanks a million to Kak Imang n family.

We arrived Ayer Keroh, Seri Malaysia Hotel to be precised at around 6 p.m. on 11th July. I thought we were the last one to arrive. The majlis would start around 7.20. That was what Kak Imang has advised through email. Furthermore, I was on duty yesterday and I had lots of things to do before going to Malacca.

When we checked-in, we found that we were second to arrrive aftoer Kak Yang and famiely with Mak and Adood.

Me and husband, after checking in

Abang Rahim, Kak Yang and Kak Imang, while waiting for others to check-in

Family Abang Intan, check-in

Nak masuk bilik

This is our room

Day 1

After performing Maghrib prayer together (I didn't join them, because ......), we had simple majlis Tahlil and reciting Yaasin, led by Babang. I wonder if Bapak still around and could see his grandchildren now.

Tahlil and Yaasin, lead by Babang

Anak-anak bujang (Afiq, Pp, Mukmin & Babang)

Abang Rahim attending to Afif

Cute Hafitri

Sempat lagi dua beranak ni berposing

Pg and Mubarak

Abid and Alif

Kak Ton & Kak Imang

Amira, termenung seeehh


Right after doa, we had our dinner. The spread, wow! Rambang mata seeehh.


Ulam & Gereh

Spaghetti & Cream Sauce

Daging tetel masak asam pedas

Ikan Goreng Berempah

Tauhu Jepun

Sayur Campur


Betul ke nak makan kuih apam tu?

Ahaks, ada orang pun nak suap-suapan juger

Dah kebulur ye Pp?

Before we went to bed, we had tazkirah by Abang Ndol and Ustaz Razlan (sorry, kalau salah nama but he's Abang Rahim's colleague).

Oh, almost forgot, that night we celebrated Pg, Afiq and Kak Yang's birthday. Oh, another thing, there was a lucky draw session, me and husband dapat hadiah. Hehehe..

Birthday boys and girl, after the "press conference"

The birthday cake, buah tangan Kak Anim

I told you, I was one of the lucky winners. Hehehehe

Day 2

We were supposed to perform Subuh prayer together. But me and husband couldn't get up early. So, he just pray at our room. Almost 7 a.m, we went down to the Cafe to have our breakfast. Not bad, but the orange juice a bit disappointing. Until we finished, we didn't see the boys. Hmmm.. having late night heh? Mentang-mentang tak duduk sebilik dengan parents. Takpe, takpe.. Mak Ina paham... hehehe..

We were supposed to have senamrobik session with Pp. But like I said, the boys were still sleeping when we finished breakfast. Oh well, good also. Because I didn't bring sports attire.

So, from 8 till 11 a.m was acara bebas. It means, SWIMMING POOL time!!!! And of course the girls yang terjun dulu, because the boys masih "swimming" atas katil. Hehehehe...

Lisa, Tasha & Filza

Husna, with her burqini. Very cute

Sayang each other. I like this pic most

While the girls having fun in the pool, menantu-menantu Mak serius berbincang. Tapi bukan yang pakai baju hitam tu ye.

Pak Dood, the life guard, tengah memerhati dari atas

Khusyuknya. Ada syarahan ke?

Oh. rupanya ada tazkirah daripada Kak Anim. Hehehehe..

Kak Yang, the dolphin trainer?


Berapa markah nak kasi Mubarak ek?

Walrus baru mendarat?? Ahaks.. sorry Abid

Alif, model of the year

We checked out around 12 and left for McDonald's for lunch.

Ini antara aksi-aksi my family masa nak check out

Ambil order baik-baik ye dik. Nanti kena potong gaji. Supervisor lak dok perhati je tu.

Dik, akak nak order....

And this is my big, big family.
Goodbye, Seri Malaysia
Goodbye, Ayer Keroh
Goodbye, Melaka
Goodbye, everybody
Till we meet again


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