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Sounds impossible huh? Yeah, I might laugh at myself too. Me, watching Bollywood movies? It's kinda joke of the day. But believe it or not, I just watched one good one last night. Well, I didn't watch from the begining, but I will catch up for the next show on Astro Box Office.

Surprisingly, they have changed. I don't think totally changed, but I think they started to improve. Well, they can't live without singing and dancing, but at least this "Three Idiots", no more "rolling" scene and all, you know. There's a love story, but for me it's just to add up spices into the movie.

I don't know the lead actor, but I think, it's Amir Khan. He's quite good playing "Rancho".

But watching this movie, just make me realize, is there anyone like Rancho in this world? Can we still find a friend, good friend, who's very sincere, honest, helpful, humble like him in this world? This movie also is not about friendship. May be parents should watch this. It taught you a very good lesson. DO NOT FORCE your children to do something they don't want to do, I mean in terms of career. As long as it is a good job, and not stealing or smuggling drugs or anything non-halal, just leave it to them to decide. Just be supportive to your kids.

Oh..oh... another thing, to be good in something, you must know how to apply it, must enjoy it and not just memorise your text book. Just look at Chatur. Hahaha.. He humiliates himself in front of everybody, because he memorises things blindly.

Well it was a good one. Congrats, Bollywood. I hope, Malaysian movie makers can do something better than this. Not just horror movies and "cinta monyet" movies, or "lawak bodoh" movies. Sendiri tell joke, sendiri gelak, and audience just terpinga-pinga sebab tak paham joke dia. Hahaha.. it's time to wake-up, guys!

Not again!!!!

I had to take emergency leave yesterday, fearing my car would suddenly stop in the middle of MEX highway. What happened was, a day before, I had trouble with the clutch and shifting gear, especially first and reverse. Aaahh.. not clutch pad again, pleaaaaaassseee...

My hubby had to go to Perak yesterday, that's why I had to bring the car for inspection. He asked me not to go to Bandar Sri Ehsan, instead, go to Sri Kembangan. So I did. I met this Sabahan mechanic, Sam. And yes, as suspected, it was the clutch pad again.

I just changed it last January. I was a bit pissed off with the previous mechanic. I don't know if they really cheated me or what. As far as I know, when that happened, I was just changing my front tires, and I knew I didn't have any problem in shifting gear, and suddenly they said, my clutch pad had damaged! And now, not even a year, I had to change again!!!

I have no choice, since I'm going to deliver soon. If I don't have a car, I will be in big trouble. So, I asked Sam to change the clutch pad. Well, it cost me almost RM800, but I got back my car within the same day! That considered quite good bargain. Otherwise I have to take another EL.

So there goes my RM800. :(

Looking at my Baby Ticker, I have about 20 days to go. It's not that long, huh? Nervous? Not so. I just can't wait to go for a long leave, actually. I easily get tired, especially for the past few days. May be I pushed myself too hard with the moving and cleaning up the house. But, I'm still thankful, because I was still energetic even I was in my 8th month of pregnancy.

My next check-up will be on next week. I have still not decided where to deliver. It's all depends when I feel the "urge". So, if it's during office hour, I will go to Hospital Ampang, otherwise, I will go to Hospital Putrajaya. Another thing I have not decided, tukang urut. Mak keep mentioning Cik Mirah, but Kak Yang suggested Wak Embong. Well, may be next week I will ask Mak to check out Wak Embong.

I'm not sure how long will I stay with Mak. But I think I will stay there at most for 7 days. I have to think about Ayumi also. It's not easy to travel with her. Even if I gave her sedative, she would fight. Kak Yang also did the same. Once finished berurut, she went back to Ampang. Come to think of it, both my sisters were very independent and were really tough.

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