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Alhamdulillah. I have finally finished unpacking my stuff. I was worried I could not finish by the time I deliver. The only thing left is, sweeping my kitchen!

As I was clearing up my living room, Ayumi started to meow and a bit restless. I don't know why. May be she's missing Kuriyu. Now, the place is bigger. I think it would be nice if Kuriyu is till around. I bet, both of them would have good time chasing each other.

Oh, another thing, I need to clear my car also. There are still few things from my old house inside the car. Too lazy and too tired to carry all the way up to level 3. Hahaha.. Oh... Oh.. I have not unpacked and packed baby stuff yet. Hahaha.. hopefully I will not terberanak anytime soon. ;)

Yesterday was not really a good day for myself. I lost my cat, and I fell (for 2nd time during pregnancy) last night. My right toe turned blue and it was painful. I went to a clinic in Dengkil, just to check and get painkiller.

I don't like the doctor. It seems like Dr. Nazariha has set really high standard. My hubby told the doctor I have been lifting and moving stuff lately. Of course not the heavy ones. Well, we just moved in to Cyberjaya, and didn't have much help. My nephews Afiq, Fifi and Azim were here to help on that day, but when it comes to unpacking the stuff, I have to do it myself. I can't rely 100% to my hubby, since his feet are not in good condition as well. Of course I know, I know very well, at this stage, I can't, I'm not supposed to do all the hard jobs. But, if I don't do it, who's going to unpack and clean the house? I'm not stupid. Of course I want to just sit and relax right now. And who doesn't want a very fit husband who can do anything and everything by himself? My God, the doctor even asked me not to walk to much. Hello!!!! I'm now staying on the 3rd floor and it's a walk-up apartment! What do you expect? My husband to pull up using rope or something to get to the 3rd floor? How I wish for a perfect life!

How I wish I could see Dr Nazariha. Of course she would nag at me, but she would also listen to what you have to stay. She understands not everybody has a perfect life, has a perfect partner, has a perfect house, etc, etc. Do you know how good is she? Whenever I went to see her, I would feel better, even before taking the medicine, I would feel I was already cured. She's wonderful.

Anyway, my right foot was swollen right after I met the doctor. Huh.. "great" wasn't it? She prescribed Ponstan (which I doubt will have an effect on me) and a cream. I took the Ponstan and rub the cream on to my swollen foot, and went to bed. I told you! I can still feel the pain, and now up to my thigh! The swelling has reduced this morning but just a little bit, not much difference, anyway. I was thinking of going back to Ampang to clean up my previous house (of course I got someone to help me this time), but I think I have to cancel the plan. I don't think I can drive. Most probably I will just sit at home and doing nothing. Ooppss.. I'm actually on standby from 8 to 10 a.m. So I'm still doing something, though. Hehehehe..

Despite all this, I feel there's a hikmah. I won't write about the hikmah here. I will keep it to myself. At the same time, yesterday I was few hundred richer. As I was cleaning up my previous apartment yesterday, after work, I saw an envelope on the floor. I know it was an angpow from Mr Lai. Not this year, may be previous year. I almost threw it, but I told myself "Oh come on Sabrina, why don't you have a look inside the envelope. Who knows". I'm glad I listen to myself. I found few hundred ringgit inside it. I thought I have spent all the angpow. That's really made my day!

p/s: If my foot still like this, I will go to see Dr Nazariha tomorrow morning.

p/s/s: Oh another thing, so far no bleeding or anything. My baby is still moving. I hope everything is fine.

Tinggal satu

Around 4 or 5 a.m I heard Ayumi meowing. I just ignored her. I didn't know she was actually trying to tell me something. When I woke up at 6, I looked out for Kuriyu. First place, second toilet. He was there, but not at his usual spot. He was lying inside the toilet bowl.

I screamed and called my hubby. When my hubby came and checked on Kuriyu, we were a little bit too late. Kuriyu has gone. We were planning to send him to see vet. Last night he started to stop drinking by himself again. But I managed to give him milk, about 10ml.

I couldn't believe I will loose him this soon. Last night he was still "talking" to us. He was still keeping me accompany while I was preparing dinner.

He was such a good boy, very sweet. I will miss him dearly. RIP my "son". Sorry and thank you for everything. I will always remember every single thing about you. Muuuaaahhhhzzz..

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