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I had nasi dagang  this morning. I really miss nasi dagang mak cik Ampang Point. That's what I call her since I don't know her name. Her nasi dagang is the best so far in KL. 

I miss her too. Last time, when I was still working at Alif Travel, I would go to her stall with Kak Yang. And she likes to tease us "Haaa tu dia, KEMBAR dah mai.. mana satu kakak, mana satu adik ni?" Errrrkk... of course Kak Yang was so happy because it makes her feel younger. Jarak umur kami 9 tahun, and people would still ask which is the older one. Haaaiissshhh..

Bila lah nak dapat makan kat sana lagi. Ntah ada lagi ntah tidak mak cik tu kat situ.

Today, 24MAR12 will be the last flight for Gulf Air servicing KL-Bahrain route. Sedih? Sangat-sangat sedih. First reason, I feel right now we have the best team. Relationship between my team (reservation) and airport team is at the very best. Airport Manager pun sangat-sangat best. I have been working for 3 airport managers, and the current one is the best one. Second reason, sedih sbb terpaksa lepaskan business Umrah yg kiter rasa sangat-sangat bagus untuk tahun 2012. Third reason, kiter masih tak tau hala tuju kiter lepas ni.

I started when Gulf Air owned by three GCC countries - Bahrain, UAE (Abu Dhabi) and Oman. And our flight from KL will transit in Bangkok before heading to Muscat and Abu Dhabi. Then, KL-Bangkok route cut off, so we were flying direct to Muscat before Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi pulled out and had their own carrier, Etihad. Later on Oman also pulled out, leaving Bahrain as a sole owner of Gulf Air. 

Looking back, there were times I feel like going to resign. But I'm still here, after 8 years. Climbing slowly until I reached where I am now. I started as Reservation & Ticketing Assistant, and now I'm head of the department.

Oh well, maassalamah Gulf Air. 

Tolonglah Dr

Last Thursday, I went to Klinik Idzham, Taman Kosas. I was hoping to see my favorite doctor, Dr Nazariha. Unfortunately, she was on leave. I totally forgot it was school holidays. 

There's a clinic next to my office but I don't really like going there. It's very hard to hear what's the doctor was saying. He likes to mumble. And since I was really hoping to see Dr Nazariha, so I went off to Ampang.

Her replacement was a male doctor. Dr A. Kamal or something. I don't really remember his name. The moment I enter the room, I felt uneasy. Usually, when I enter doctor's room, he/she will immediately look at me and ask what's wrong with me. At least say something to ack and to welcome me. This doctor? Nothing. I had to start the conversation and I could tell from his face, he was not interested to know further about my sickness. When I tried to explain further (hoping for his feedback based on the symptoms), he immediately "ok I give this medicine, take it accordingly". :O

When I got my medication, I realized something. He gave me Cafegot for migraine, Ponstan for painkiller and there was another one for gastric. I had to take medication for gastric before taking Ponstan. ????? I told him already I have no gastric. And this is my first time having to take gastric medication before taking ponstan. And ponstan didn't work for me. I would take paracethemol!!!! and why give me ponstan when you have prescribed cafegot???

Haiyooo.. if that's the case, I would rather went back straight to Cyberjaya and consult Dr Norlee or Dr Suzalina. 

Moral of the story, kalau kita nampak nama dia kat Klinik Idzham, please canx the visit and drive terus ke Cyberjaya. 

Hari ni 08MAR, my sister's birthday. Yg ke berapa, shhhh.. kena tanya empunyer diri ye.. Anyway, kak, happy birthday. May Allah bless you and your family. Semoga Allah panjangkan usia, murahkan rezeki, dan segala-galanya lah. :D I hope you'll have good celebration with your family. Enjoy!

Kak Imang and Abang Intan on my wedding day


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